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The Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary ( Russian : Энциклопедический словарь Брокгауза и Ефрона) (35 volumes, small; 86 volumes, large) is, in its scope and style, the Russian counterpart to the 1911 Britannica . It contains 121,240 articles

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countries. Nevertheless, because the lower reaches of the Amur River were in fact being claimed by the Russians , several expeditions organized by Gennady Nevelskoy had been approved by the government. In 1851–1853, several expeditions were sent to the Amur Liman and Sakhalin , with Russian

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While she is referred to as Mayoress, this was in no way a formal office. Russians traditionally refer to the wife of certain officials by the feminine equivalent, hence the priest's (pop) wife may be referred to a "priestess" or a general's wife may be referred to a "general-ess" without

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as agreed on in the Treaty of Novgorod (1537) . At least in theory, because every now and then, Russians crossed the border to Swedish Finland to plunder, and probably vice versa. [ 1 ] [ edit ] War In March 1555, there was a distinct change of state, when Russia mounted an organized attack | 2011/8/14 2:42:00

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newspapers — one of which apparently inspired the newspaper's name — as well as letters of Russians travelling abroad. As foreign newspapers were delivered to Moscow via Riga and Wilna , they were frequently outdated and contained stale news, which resulted in the Russian tsar sending | 2010/9/25 20:25:09

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Carlo Scotti Domenico Scotti This article incorporates material from the public domain 1906 Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary . Categories : Wikipedia articles incorporating text from Brockhaus Efron | Russian painters | Russians of Italian descent | People from Saint

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1878) . Milyutin's subtle leadership made itself felt during the pinnacle of the warfare, when the Russians could not take Pleven three times in a row and many experts advised them to retreat. Milyutin promptly ordered the siege to be continued in a more orderly manner, which brought the

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theoretician who gained renown for his Essay on the Theory of Taxation (1818) and Russia and the Russians (1847). A relative of the novelist Ivan Turgenev , Nikolay co-founded several reformist societies, notably the Northern Society of the Decembrists . Being abroad during the fateful Rebellion

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to their number. The first Russian attacks were successfully repelled, but in late November, the Russians attacked with all their forces. The battle seemed lost. The attackers had succeeded in reaching tops of mures and several towers were in their power. After that, something happened which

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This article describes the history of Belarus . The Belarusian ethnos is traced at least as far in time as other East Slavs . After an initial period of independent feudal consolidation, Belarusian lands were incorporated into the Kingdom of Lithuania , Grand Duchy of Lithuania , and later