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An optical time-domain reflectometer ( OTDR ) is an optoelectronic instrument used to characterize an optical fiber . An OTDR injects a series of optical pulses into the fiber under test. It also extracts, from the same end of the fiber, light that is scattered (Rayleigh Backscatter) or

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AEGIS was one of the distinctive mainly for being designed for the networked computer, as distinct from its competitors, which were essentially standalone systems with added network features. The prime examples of this were the file system , which was fully integrated across machines, as opposed | 2010/9/25 19:50:30

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The technique of this method is based on the monitoring acoustic waves that are generated with a pulsed laser . Localized heating of a material will create a localized heat increase, which induces thermal stress . This stress build in a localized region causes an acoustic strain pulse. At an | 2010/9/25 2:56:38

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The creation of the first public domain of the United States, the Northwest Territory , began an epoch in American political history. It was decided early that new states would be created from it, to be added to the union in full equality to the original 13 states. Its subsequent expansion | 2010/9/26 7:45:19

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In the social sciences , the concept of semantic domains stemmed from the ideas of cognitive anthropology . The quest was originally to see how the words that groups of humans use to describe certain things are relative to the underlying perceptions and meanings that those groups share (Ottenheimer | 2010/9/25 8:50:13

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A domain is a named set of values. Its main application in computing science is as a specification of the possible values of variable, or—what amounts to the same—as a constraint for an attribute in a database . Defining a domain for a set of values is essential in many computer programs | 2010/9/25 14:34:55

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The operation of .au began with Robert Elz of Melbourne University . He devised the original policies, and was responsible for the day-to-day operation of the domain. All services were provided free. In 1996, the operation of the popular sub-domain became too much for him to accomplish | 2010/9/25 10:02:41

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The Queens Domain , also known as The Domain to locals, is a small hilly area of bushland just north-east of the CBD of Hobart , Tasmania , Australia , alongside the Derwent River . It is traditionally land that "belongs to the people", as commissioned by the Governor in 1860. [ 1 ] On the | 2011/2/13 7:37:38

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The MACPF protein superfamily is named after a domain that is common to the Membrane Attack Complex proteins ( MAC ) of complement (C6, C7, C8α, C8β and C9 ) and perforin (PF). Many members of this protein family are important eukaryote pore forming toxins . [ 2 ] The archetypal

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The Hikone Domain ( 彦根藩 , Hikone Han ? ) was a feudal domain of Japan during the Edo period . It was established in 1600 with Ii Naomasa as the first daimyo . All fifteen daimyo were from the Ii clan . A large fudai domain, Hikone was initially rated at 180,000 koku . The rating