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The Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary ( Russian : Энциклопедический сл варь Брокгауза и Ефрона) (35 volumes, small; 86 volumes, large) is, in its scope and style, the Russian counterpart to the 1911 Britannica . It contains 121,240 articles

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The right of using the hunting grounds in Russia was once granted to every social class. The right of the nobility was even sometimes limited by agreements with others regarding hunting grounds. The hawkers and separate persons who dealt with hounds , beavers , black grouses , hares , etc

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A Viceroy ( / ˈ v aɪ s . r ɔɪ / ) is a royal official who runs a country, colony, or province (or state) in the name of and as representative of the Monarch . The term derives from the Latin prefix vice- , meaning "in the place of" and the French word roi , meaning king. His province

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Count Nikita Moiseevich Zotov [ 1 ] ( Russian : Никита Моисе вич Зот в ) (1644 [ 2 ]  – December 1717 [ 3 ] ) was a childhood tutor and life-long friend of Russian Tsar Peter the Great . Historians disagree on the quality of Zotov's tutoring. Robert K. Massie , for

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Georgian Church until the End of the 6th Century ("История грузинской цер ви до конца VI в ." [СПб., 1877]), the first comprehensive treatment of the subject produced in Russian. He travelled in several regions of Georgia, studying monuments of Christian

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Vladimir Kovalevsky was born to the middle-class family of a retired army major on 9 November 1848, in Novo-Serpukhov (currently Balakliia ) in the Zmiyov uyezd of the Kharkov Governorate . [ 1 ] [ 2 ] He was brought up in the Poltava Military School. In August 1865, he entered the Konstantinov

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Liepāja is known throughout Latvia as "The city where the wind is born", possibly because of the constant sea breeze. A song of the same name ( Latvian : Pilsētā, kurā piedzimst vējš ) was composed by Imants Kalniņš and has become the anthem of the city. The reputation of Liepāja

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He was born as Petros Melissinos on the Greek island of Cephalonia in 1726, [ 1 ] he was of Greek origin [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 1 ] and his father was a physician who belonged to the noble Greek family of Melissenos ( Greek Μελισσηνός). Throughout his life, he prided himself on

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century. [ edit ] References This article incorporates material from the public domain 1906 Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary . Vernadsky, Viktor Nikolayevich (1961). Н вгород и н вгородская земля в XV веке ( Novgorod and the Novgorod Land

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with the moral relativism of the modern people. [ 9 ] [ edit ] References ^ АЛЛАИХ ВСКИЙ УЛУС. Русско-Устьинский наслег. Администрат вный центр - с. Русское Устье. (Allaikhovsky Ulus. Russko-Ustyinsky Nasleg

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