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In heat transfer and thermodynamics , a thermodynamic system is said to be in thermal contact with another system if it can exchange energy with it through the process of heat . Perfect thermal isolation is an idealization as real systems are always in thermal contact with their environment

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Contact 94 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Contact 94 was a radio station that broadcast from France to the Channel Islands between 1988 and 1991. [ 1 ] [ edit ] See also Channel 103 BBC Radio Jersey [ edit ] References ^ Contact | 2011/4/24 13:31:24

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A contact sign language , or contact sign , is a variety or style of language that arises from contact between a deaf sign language and a spoken language (or the written or manually coded form of the spoken language). Contact languages also arise between different sign languages, although | 2011/2/23 15:43:12

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Africa Contact is a Danish NGO, formed in 1978 as South Africa Contact , by a number of political parties, trade unions and other organizations to fight colonialism . The organization initially worked to abolish apartheid in South Africa. [ 1 ] Africa Contact has approximately 500 members | 2011/5/7 12:11:14

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Constant Contact is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts , with additional offices in San Francisco, Loveland, CO and Delray, FL. The company was founded as Roving Software in 1995. The company claims approximately 392,000 email marketing customers at June 30, 2010. [ 4 ] In May of 2010 | 2011/5/20 17:42:55

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A contact fuze , percussion fuze or direct-action (D.A.) fuze ( UK ) is the Fuze (explosives) that is placed in the nose of a bomb or shell so that it will detonate on contact with a hard surface. Many impacts are unpredictable: they may involve a soft surface, or an off-axis grazing

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A contact microphone , otherwise known as a pickup or a piezo, is a form of microphone designed to sense audio vibrations through solid objects. Unlike normal air microphones, contact mics act as transducers which pick up vibrations and convert them into a voltage which can then be made

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An ohmic contact is a region on a semiconductor device that has been prepared so that the current-voltage (I-V) curve of the device is linear and symmetric. If the I-V characteristic is non-linear and asymmetric, the contact is not ohmic, but is a blocking or Schottky contact . Typical | 2011/5/13 14:54:59

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The term contact resistance refers to the contribution to the total resistance of a material which comes from the electrical leads and connections as opposed to the intrinsic resistance, which is an inherent property, independent of the measurement method. The idea of potential drop on

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In physics , a contact force is a force that acts at the point of contact between two objects, [ 1 ] in contrast to body forces . Contact forces are described by Newton's laws of motion , as with all other forces in dynamics . Contact forces are ubiquitous and are responsible for most | 2011/9/29 4:46:34