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The change from a rural district to an urban district occurred in 1934; with the new district retaining the same boundaries. The urban district was transferred from Middlesex to Hertfordshire in 1965. [ edit ] South Mimms South Mimms within Middlesex in 1911 South Mimms Rural District | 2010/9/26 12:02:34

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The M16 motorway was the designation planned in the late 1960s and early 1970s for use on Ringway 3 , a new motorway planned as part of the London Ringways Plan to run a circular route around London . Construction of the first section of the M16 began in 1973 between South Mimms and Potters | 2010/9/25 4:02:50

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Originally part of an estate known as Pinchbank (also Birchbank ), first recorded in Middlesex in 1310 and owned in the 17th and early 18th centuries by the Howkins family , the property passed to Thomas Reynolds, a director of the South Sea Company , who renamed the estate Strangeways .

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This is a list of public art in the London Borough of Barnet . Image Title / individual commemorated Location Date Sculptor Source Coordinates Hadley Highstone, Battle of Barnet Memorial Great North Road in Monken Hadley 1740 [ 1 ] 51°39′57″N 0°11′56″W /

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The Battle of Barnet was a decisive engagement in the Wars of the Roses , a dynastic conflict of 15th-century England . The military action, along with the subsequent Battle of Tewkesbury , secured the throne for Edward IV . On 14 April 1471 near Barnet , then a small town north of London

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Monken Hadley was originally a civil parish of Middlesex forming part of a small protrusion into Hertfordshire. In 1889, under the Local Government Act 1888 , the civil parish was transferred to Hertfordshire . Under the Local Government Act 1894 the parish was split with a Hadley parish

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The town started life in the early 13th century and remained a small settlement until the arrival of the Great Northern Railway in 1850. [ 3 ] It is part of the London commuter belt . [ 4 ] Contents 1 Etymology 2 History 3 Geography 3.1 Climate 4 Transport 4.1 Potters

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When constructed in 1986, it was the first service area on the M25. The building was destroyed in August 1998, following a fire started a deep fryer and the lack of a suitable fire suppression system ; an incident which has been subsequently studied. [ 3 ] A total of four Motorway Service

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St Martha's Senior School From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search St Martha's Senior School Motto Servite Domino in Laetitia Serve the Lord with Joy Established 1946 Religion Roman Catholic Headteacher James Sheridan Location Camlet | 2011/4/18 13:48:31

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Mount Grace was originally a Manor House built by Roger Fenton and named after his wife Grace. [ 1 ] In 1949 the Manor House was used as a children's home and in 1954 the school itself was built. [ edit ] Local football Potters Bar Town F.C. was established on the 29 June, 1960 by | 2010/9/25 23:27:07