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Liepāja is known throughout Latvia as "The city where the wind is born", possibly because of the constant sea breeze. A song of the same name ( Latvian : Pilsētā, kurā piedzimst vējš ) was composed by Imants Kalniņš and has become the anthem of the city. The reputation of Liepāja

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In 1865–1866, the building underwent its first major reconstruction – the original draft tower was raised on the two upper floors to almost 55 metres high. [ 5 ] In 1906, the church installed a clock mechanism. Several changes were also made to the sacristy behind the altar; a new one

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Daugava Stadium (Liepāja) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Coordinates : 56°30′11″N 20°59′43″E / 56.5029182°N 20.9951627°E / 56.5029182; 20.9951627 Daugava Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Liepāja , Latvia . It | 2010/9/25 6:17:32

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Sing, sweet zephyr, gently, gently, Carry not the waves ashore; In the sea's tender depths slumber My dear, beloved, brothers TO THE FISHERMEN AND SAILORS LOST AT SEA Monument to the sailors and fishermen lost at sea ( Latvian : Piemineklis bojā gājušajiem jūrniekiem un zvejniekiem

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Karosta was constructed in 1890-1906 as a naval base for the Russian Tsar Alexander III , and later served as a base for the Soviet Baltic Fleet (see Western Russian fortresses ). Now it is a very popular place for tourists and artists, since there are unique sights and interesting places

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Lake of Liepāja is a pod-shaped shallow eutrophic coastal lake with extensive areas of emergent vegetation ( Phragmites , Typha , Scirpus , Sparganium ), surrounded by seasonally flooded meadows and arable land. Polders and dams enclose most of the wetland area. In the lake are found 14 species | 2011/9/8 16:32:46

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Cimdenieki is mostly known for its proximity to Liepāja International Airport . [ edit ] References ^ Kurzemes Vārds, 30.11.2005 "Kas gaida Cimdeniekus" (Latvian) This Courland location article is a stub . You can help Wikipedia by expanding it . v   •   d   •   e | 2010/9/26 10:21:21

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Pērkone is mostly known, because near it is located hotel "Jūrnieka ligzda" [ 1 ] , guest house "Vērbeļnieki" and factory "Tonus Elast". [ 2 ] [ edit ] References ^ Jūrnieka ligzda site ^ Tonus Elast site This Courland location article is a stub . You can help Wikipedia | 2010/9/25 13:37:37

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Šķēde is known mostly because of the activities involving the Nazi Liepāja massacres in 1941.The main perpetrators were detachments of the Einsatzgruppen, the Sicherheitsdienst or SD, the Ordnungspolizei, or ORPO, and Latvian auxiliary police and militia forces. Wehrmacht and German naval

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During the Early Middle Ages , Grobiņa (or Grobin ) was the most important political centre on the territory of Latvia. There was a centre of Scandinavian settlement on the Baltic Sea , comparable in many ways to Hedeby and Birka but probably predating them both. About 3,000 surviving burial