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The Diocese of Sydney is a diocese within the Anglican Church of Australia . The majority of the diocese is Evangelical and low church in tradition and committed to Reformed and Calvinist theology . The diocese goes as far as Lithgow in the west and the Hawkesbury River in the north

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Located in central Sydney, the cathedral is one of the city's finest examples of Gothic Revival architecture . Designed by Edmund Blacket it was ready for services and consecrated in 1868, making it the oldest cathedral in Australia . Joan Kerr described St Andrew's as "....a perfect example

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Images of locations in the parish: St Andrew's Cathedral The Queen Victoria Building at the eastern end of the parish Buildings in the Darling Harbour area; most of this land is in the Parish of St Andrew except for Wentworth Park and the land beyond it.

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The area of the parish includes Central station , Museum station , the southern part of Hyde Park below Park street, and Prince Alfred Park. The parish is bounded by George Street in the west, Park Street and a small part of William Street in the north, a line from the intersection of Yurong

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As the school was founded in 1885, from the Cathedral traditions, St Andrew's is legally supervised by the Cathedral Chapter which appoints and approves members of the School Council which was formed in 1979. The Council is responsible for administering the School's policies and formulating

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The Regent Theatre was Hoyts ' showcase "picture palace" in Sydney , designed by the distinguished architect Cedric Ballantyne and built by James Porter & Sons. [ 1 ] Located at 487-503 George St, Sydney, near the Sydney Town Hall , it stood next door to the famed Sydney Trocadero dance | 2010/9/25 5:49:42

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At the eastern end of Bathurst Street is an obelisk which was erected in 1857 and unveiled by the Mayor, George Thornton. The monument is actually a sewer vent, and soon the joke around town was to call it ' Thornton’s Scent Bottle '. [ 2 ] The obelisk is an example of the Victorian Egyptian

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The station opened on 28 February 1932, although originally only four of the platforms were in use: platforms 1, 2 and 3 on an upper level and platform 6, served by escalators, on the lower level. [ citation needed ] The final two platforms (now platforms 4 & 5), also served by escalators

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The station is built on the site of Sydney's earliest colonial cemetery. As recently as 2008, part of this cemetery was being excavated from under the Town Hall. The station opened on 28 February 1932. It was built with six platforms, which were split over two levels with three platforms on

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The Sydney Town Hall is a landmark sandstone building located in the heart of Sydney . It stands opposite the Queen Victoria Building and alongside St Andrew's Cathedral . Sitting above the busy Town Hall station and between the cinema strip on George Street and the Central Business District