Potters Bar Urban District

South Mimms RD
Potters Bar UD

Potters Bar within Hertfordshire in 1971
Status Rural district (until 1934)
Urban district (after 1934)
1911 area 6,105 acres (24.7 km2)
1931 area 6,129 acres (24.8 km2)
1971 area 6,129 acres (24.8 km2)
Created 1894
Abolished 1974
Succeeded by Hertsmere
1901 population 2,671
1931 population 5,720
1971 population 24,613
Governance South Mimms Rural District Council
Potters Bar Urban District Council

South Mimms Rural District (1894-1934) and Potters Bar Urban District (1934-1974) were local government districts occupying the area around the town of Potters Bar, England.

The change from a rural district to an urban district occurred in 1934; with the new district retaining the same boundaries. The urban district was transferred from Middlesex to Hertfordshire in 1965.

South Mimms

South Mimms within Middlesex in 1911

South Mimms Rural District was created in 1894 by the Local Government Act 1894 and consisted entirely of the parish of South Mimms in Middlesex (part of which went to form the South Mimms Urban parish in Hertfordshire that same year). [1]

South Mimms had been the only parish from Middlesex in the Barnet rural sanitary district, the rest of which had been in Hertfordshire and had gone on to form the Barnet Rural District of that county.

The South Mimms parish and rural district was affected by minor boundary changes in 1894, 1896, 1924 and 1926 [2] [3] In 1934 the rural district was abolished.

Potters Bar

Potters bar within Middlesex in 1961

The rural district was replaced with Potters Bar Urban District, which covered the same area.[4]

The Royal Commission on Local Government in Greater London considered the district for inclusion in Greater London. However in 1965, when Middlesex was abolished and its former area was transferred to Greater London under the London Government Act 1963, the Potters Bar Urban District was instead transferred to Hertfordshire.

In 1974, under the Local Government Act 1972, the urban district was abolished and its former area was combined with that of Elstree Rural District, Bushey Urban District and part of Watford Rural District to form the present-day borough of Hertsmere.


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Coordinates: 51°41′N 0°12′W / 51.683°N 0.2°W / 51.683; -0.2

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