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Plane makes emergency water landing in Darwin Harbour print that page


Timor Sea. It is not yet known what caused the incident. The aircraft's flight plan took it over water , giving the pilot few opportunities to land the plane on ground. Bolle decided to land in the water , as opposed to the beach, as the firmness of the ground on the latter was not known

Indian lunar mission Chandrayaan finds water on moon print that page

Even 40 years ago, rock samples brought to Earth by Apollo ( US ) and other missions led some scientists to claim that water existed on moon. But they had doubts about the findings, as the boxes in which the moon rocks were brought to earth had leaked—contaminating the samples with air from | 2015/7/10 3:12:02

Phoenix lander confirms presence of water ice on Mars print that page


For the first time ever, NASA has confirmed the presence of water ice on Mars . The Phoenix lander , which landed on Mars on May 25, has confirmed to NASA scientists that the white substance it found while digging a trench on June 15 is water ice. In the lower left corner of the left

NASA mission finds water on the Moon print that page


On September 24, 2008 the Indian Space Research Organisation had stated Chandrayaan-1 had discovered water based on readings from NASA's Moon Mineralogy Mapper , one of eleven instruments carried by the probe. Those results indicated water was widespread in low quantities. That probe, launched

US Airways jet makes emergency landing in river by New York City print that page


A US Airways Airbus A320 , Flight 1549 , has made an emergency landing in the Hudson River after a failed attempt to take off near Manhattan . There were 148 passengers and five crew on the flight to Charlotte from LaGuardia Airport . The plane took off at 3:26 PM EST ( UTC-5 ) and went

Plane with Dutch royal couple on board makes emergency landing print that page

The heir to the Dutch throne , Prince Willem-Alexander of Orange , has been forced to make an emergency landing in New Zealand after passengers smelt smoke on board a chartered plane soon after takeoff. The private Jetstream 32 carrying Prince Willem-Alexander and his wife Princess Máxima | 2015/7/10 12:11:31

Space Shuttle Atlantis landing concludes program print that page


During the landing , Christopher Ferguson , the flight's commander, commented that "[t]he space shuttle changed the way we view the world and it changed the way we view the universe". Citing "a lot of emotion" in relation to this landing , Ferguson clarified that "one thing's indisputable:

Disease outbreak feared after mass hysteria over "sweet" water in Mumbai print that page

Television reports showed people drinking water on the spot with their hands, and others bathing, apparently to wash away their sins with the "holy" water . At the height of the hysteria, bottled mineral water was selling for Rs 50 (RM4.50), with people buying the mineral water simply | 2015/7/9 21:10:51

Light plane flips over during landing at air show in Worcester, UK print that page

A father and his son escaped serious injury yesterday when their plane flipped over on landing at an air show at Defford Airfield , near Worcester, England . The crash occurred during Defford Air Day at 2:30pm local time, at a charitable event to raise money for the Mission Aviation Fellowship | 2015/7/10 5:46:30

New storm approaches as Vancouver remains under boil water advisory print that page

Almost one million people in Vancouver, Canada are still under a boil water advisory. Severe rainfall on the 16th of November led to a water quality warning for the Greater Vancouver area's two million residents. The restriction was partially lifted on Friday, but residents of Vancouver | 2015/7/10 9:24:12