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Tila Tequila From Wikiquote Jump to navigation Jump to search Hitler was a good man Tila Tequila (born October 24, 1981) is a Singaporean-born American model and television personality. Quotes [ edit ] Hitler was a good man and it takes some f---ing balls for someone to

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Cuddy : Thirty-seven-year-old male with recurring blackouts. House : Tell him to switch from tequila to bourbon. Worked for me. House : There's no unconditional love, it's just unconditional need. Don't make this child a victim of your biological clock. [House watches as Cuddy is holding

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Val: Giving feels good, doesn't it Holly? Holly: It's like a rainbow in my heart. Holly: If anything goes wrong blame the red-headed kid. Val: Why? Holly: Look at him, he's guilty of something. Cool Older Sister [1.05] [ edit ] Jeff : (to Val) I've been to a million parties like this when

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dear God, one misses the land when is far away. Well, I am so far, and you put me a bottle of tequila here. No, well, first of all let me tell you that it is carefully, because you never know when the little elf of the bottle is going to get out of it and will hit you with it and will

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Did anyone ever think you two were a couple? Meredith : No because we screw boys like whores on tequila . Cristina : And then we either try to marry them or drown ourselves. Mark : [To Derek after the elevator doors open and Mark sees Derek, Addison, Rose and Meredith in the elevator

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something.” “But of course!” said the barkeeper. “The whole place is open for you! Which tequila would you like?” he added anxiously. “Herradura, and a couple of Modelo cervezas.” “I like Dos Equis,” I said. “The dark one.” “Okay,” said my dad, “one Modelo and one

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The following is a list of quotes from the second season Two and a Half Men . Contents 1 Back Off, Mary Poppins [2.1] 2 Enjoy Those Garlic Balls [2.2] 3 A Bag Full of Jawea [2.3] 4 Go Get Mommy's Bra [2.4] 5 Bad News from the Clinic [2.5] 6 The Price of Healthy Gums Is Eternal

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when she sleeps... [Kitty is enraged that her friend Marcia is dating Fez] Kitty : [making tequila from a blender] I can't believe Fez was seduced by that cradle-robbing slut. [hands the blender to Donna] You girls throw it around like football players, couldn't one of you have slept

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they don't have the fucking nerve or imagination to star in their own movie, let alone direct it. Tequila , scorpion honey, harsh dew of the doglands, essence of Aztec, crema de cacti; tequila , oily and thermal like the sun in solution; tequila , liquid geometry of passion; Tequila , the

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The following is a list of quotes from the fourth season Breaking Bad . Contents 1 Box Cutter [4.01] 2 Thirty-Eight Snub [4.02] 3 Open House [4.03] 4 Bullet Points [4.4] 5 Shotgun [4.05] 6 Cornered [4.06] 7 Problem Dog [4.07] 8 Hermanos [4.08] 9 Bug [4.09] 10

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