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Science fiction From Wikiquote Jump to navigation Jump to search Science fiction is a genre of fiction . It differs from fantasy in that, within the context of the story , its imaginary elements are largely possible within scientifically -established or scientifically-postulated | 2018/9/23 6:19:57

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Ray Douglas Bradbury ( 22 August 1920 – 5 June 2012 ) was an American fantasy, horror, science fiction , and mystery writer. Contents 1 Quotes 1.1 The Martian Chronicles (1950) 1.2 The Illustrated Man (1951) 1.3 Fahrenheit 451 (1953) 1.3.1 Coda (1979) 1.4 The Golden

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Alfred Elton van Vogt (/vænvoʊt/; 26 April 1912 – 26 January 2000 ) was a Canadian-born science fiction author regarded as one of the most popular and influential science fiction writers of the mid-twentieth century. Contents 1 Quotes 1.1 The Weapon Shops of Isher (1951

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– 23 June 2013 ) was an American author and screenwriter, typically of fantasy, horror, or science fiction . See also: The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957 film based on his 1956 novel) The Last Man on Earth (1964 film based on his 1954 novel I Am Legend ) The Omega Man (1971 film

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Roger Zelazny From Wikiquote Jump to navigation Jump to search Before I discovered science fiction I was reading mythology . And from that I got interested in comparative religion and folklore and related subjects. And when I began writing, it was just a fertile area I could

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– 6 April 1992 ) was a Russian -born American biochemist who was a prolific writer of both fiction and non fiction , his most famous works being the Foundation series and I, Robot . Contents 1 Quotes 1.1 General sources 1.2 The Three Laws of Robotics (1942) 1.3 I, Robot

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Brian Wilson Aldiss ( August 18 , 1925 – August 19 , 2017 ) was an English writer of general fiction and science fiction . Contents 1 Quotes 1.1 Short fiction 1.1.1 Who Can Replace a Man? (1965) 1.2 Outside (1955) 1.3 Let's Be Frank (1957) 1.4 Hothouse (1962) 1.5

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and has co-written several novels set in the Star Trek universe. He has also written a series of science fiction novels called TekWar which was adapted for television. Quotes [ edit ] Jason [Alexander] says he was inspired by me. Why is everyone who's inspired by me such a fat, fucking

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Jump to search John Herbert Varley (born August 9 , 1947 , in Austin, Texas) is an American science fiction author. Quotes [ edit ] I’m decrepit, but I ain’t senile. "Picnic on Nearside", The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (August 1974), reprinted in Peter Crowther ed | 2018/6/23 21:51:56

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links A [ edit ] The extensive literature addressed to the definition or characterization of science is filled with inconsistent points of view and demonstrates that an adequate definition is not easy to attain. Part of the difficulty arises from the fact that the meaning of science