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neighboring Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary Jump to: navigation , search Contents 1 English 1.1 Alternative forms 1.2 Pronunciation 1.3 Adjective 1.3.1 Translations 1.4 Verb English [ edit ] Alternative forms [ edit ] neighbouring ( Commonwealth

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neighboring rights Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary Jump to: navigation , search English [ edit ] Noun [ edit ] neighboring rights   pl ‎( plural only ) ( law ) The rights on a work not related to its author 's copyright . Categories : English lemmas

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For some white, male authors, this term has an implicit racial marking. W. J. Cash wrote in 1941 "of the chip-on-the-shoulder swagger and brag of a boy—one, in brief, of which the essence was the boast, voiced or not, on the part of every Southerner , that he would knock hell out of whoever

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community a community , a place a large village , a small town (especially if relying heavily on a neighboring larger town for places to work etc.) a colony of animals (bees, ants) Declension [ edit ] Declension of samhälle   Singular Plural Indefinite Definite Indefinite

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From Middle English lond , land , from Old English land , lond ( “ earth, land, soil, ground; defined piece of land, territory, realm, province, district; landed property; country (not town); ridge in a ploughed field ” ) , from Proto-Germanic *landą ( “ land ” ) , from Proto

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municipalities, whose state aid has been slashed in an attempt to prod them into consolidating with neighboring communities, some residents called the budget cuts antirural . Translations [ edit ] biased against rural areas or people Portuguese: antirrural Categories

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number 1, DOI : 10.1007/s10508-007-9259-z : The global androgenization hypothesis predicts that neighboring males will masculinize both AGD and 2D:4D and, therefore, that AGD and 2D:4D will correlate within sexes. 2011 , Hilary Rose and Steven Rose, ‘Never Mind the Bollocks’, London

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Americas. Any of the marsupials in several families of the order Diprotodontia of Australia and neighboring islands. Derived terms [ edit ] brushtail possum play possum ring-tail possum Related terms [ edit ] opossum Translations [ edit ] opossum — see opossum any of

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From Middle English blame , borrowed from Old French blame , blasme , produced from the verb blasmer , which in turn is derived from Vulgar Latin *blastēmāre , present active infinitive of *blastēmō , from Ecclesiastical Latin , Late Latin blasphēmō , ultimately from Ancient Greek

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marbles (“ mibs ”) are set in a cross in the center. Each mib should be three inches from its neighboring mib . Each player shoots with a “shooter,” a marble that's one-half to three-quarter inches in diameter. 2011 , Sean Kelly, At the Crossroads: A Teacher's Journey to Understanding

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