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The word concave means curving in or hollowed inward , as opposed to convex . The former may be used in reference to: Concave lens , a lens with inward-curving concave ) surfaces. Concave polygon , a polygon which is not convex. Concave function , a type of function which is related

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In mathematics , a concave function is the negative of a convex function . A concave function is also synonymously called concave downwards , concave down , convex cap or upper convex . Contents 1 Definition 2 Properties 3 Examples 4 See also 5 References [ edit

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In mathematics , the notion of a concave set" is not correct. [ citation needed ] A set that is not convex, is a non-convex set. [ edit ] See also Convex set Concave function [ edit ] References

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Log concave From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Log concave may refer to: Logarithmically concave function Logarithmically concave measure Logarithmically concave sequence This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the

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distorted in such a way that many of the structure's features can be seen as both convex shapes and concave impressions. This is a very good example of Escher's mastery in creating illusion of "Impossible Architectures". The windows , roads, stairs and other shapes can be perceived as opening

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In geometry , a polygon can be either convex or concave ( non-convex ). Contents 1 Convex polygons 2 Concave or non-convex polygons 3 See also 4 References 5 External links [ edit ] Convex polygons A convex polygon is a simple polygon whose interior is a convex

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Also known as the concave -eared torrent frog , Odorrana tormota is the first frog (and the first non-mammalian vertebrate) demonstrated to both produce and perceive ultrasonic frequencies. These frogs' preferred habitat is adjacent to rapidly moving water which produces perpetual low-frequency

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not necessary for the image to form. [ 1 ] When we look through a diverging lens (at least one concave surface) or look into a convex mirror , what we see is a virtual image. However, if we observe a focused image on a screen inside or behind a converging lens (at least one convex side

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In mathematics , a Borel measure μ on n - dimensional Euclidean space R n is called logarithmically concave (or log concave for short) if, for any compact subsets A and B of R n and 0    λ    1, one has where λ   A  + (1 −  λ )  B denotes the Minkowski sum

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In convex analysis , a non-negative function f  : R n → R + is logarithmically concave (or log concave for short) if its domain is a convex set , and if it satisfies the inequality for all x , y ∈ dom f and 0    θ    1 . If f is strictly positive, this is equivalent

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