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The World Curling Federation (WCF) is the world governing body for curling accreditation, with offices in Perth, Scotland . It was formed out of the International Curling Federation (ICF), when the push for Olympic Winter Sport status was made. The name was changed in 1991. The ICF | 2011/9/27 15:45:28

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The International Powerlifting Federation is an international governing body for the sport of powerlifting as recognized by the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) as well as the International Olympic Committee via inclusion into the World Games . The IPF was | 2011/7/12 16:00:04

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The Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG) or International Federation of Gymnastics (IFG) is the governing body of competitive gymnastics . Its headquarters is in Lausanne , Switzerland . It was founded on July 23, 1881 in Liège , Belgium , making it the oldest international

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The World Netball Championships is a quadrennial international netball world championship co-ordinated by the International Federation of Netball Associations (IFNA), inaugurated in 1963 . Since its inception the competition has been dominated primarily by the Australian national netball | 2011/8/2 4:34:31

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Characteristics Contact No Team members 4 per team (2 in Mixed Doubles ) Mixed gender See mixed curling Categorization Precision and accuracy Equipment Curling brooms, stones (rocks), curling shoes Venue Curling sheet Olympic First event in 1924 (Retroactively

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The International Basketball Federation (French: Fédération Internationale de Basket-ball ), more commonly known by the French acronym FIBA (pronounced /ˈfiːbə/ fee -bə ), is an association of national organizations which governs international competition in basketball . [ citation | 2011/9/16 15:21:59

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The International Field Hockey Federation ( Fédération Internationale de Hockey sur Gazon , or FIH ) is the global governing body of field hockey . Its headquarters are located in Lausanne , Switzerland . The FIH was founded on January 7, 1924 in Paris by Paul Léautey , who became the | 2011/9/22 23:20:16

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The Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d'Aviron , or FISA for short, is the International Rowing Federation which is the governing body for international Rowing . Its current president is Denis Oswald . The Rowing World Cup , World Rowing Championships , and other such competitions | 2011/9/4 7:30:58

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The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) ( French : Ligue Internationale de Hockey sur Glace ) is the worldwide governing body for ice hockey and in-line hockey . It is based in Zurich , Switzerland , and has 70 members. It is responsible for the management of international ice hockey

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The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) is the governing body for all national table tennis associations. [ 1 ] Contents 1 Founding history 2 Organizational structure 3 Role in diplomacy 4 Rules 4.1 Player eligibility 4.2 Service and point system 4.3 Speed | 2011/4/19 22:49:57