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These learning resources aim at providing knowledge that all Wikipedia and Mediawiki users, authors and administrators should possess. It aims at answering questions such as: How can wikis and Wikipedia as phenomenon be understood? How to edit and administrate Wikipedia and Mediawiki

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This page contains multiple-choice self-tests that are part of the Wikiversity course about Wikis and Wikipedia . First read the relevant Wikipedia learning resources . Wikipedia policies and guidelines [ edit ] This multiple choice self-test is related to the five pillars and to the

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Wikipedia popularized the concept of a wiki, a concept made possible by the MediaWiki software. After the growth of Wikipedia there has been a number of new websites based on wiki software, related and founded by the same foundation and some independent projects, as MediaWiki software is GPL

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million articles across over 250 individual language projects; over 2.5 million in the English Wikipedia alone). Wikipedia has attracted its share of controversy – with some people praising its open model, and others shunning it as unreliable. This page/resource is to give an account of

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This page is for study of Wikipedia 's WikiProjects . Historical origins of WikiProjects [ edit ] How many WikiProjects are needed? [ edit ] Tools that increase the productiveity of WikiProjects [ edit ] Wikiversity and Wikiprojects [ edit ] At Wikipedia , the "WikiProject" content development

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Wikipedia /Sandbox From Wikiversity Wikipedia Jump to: navigation , search Welcome to Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit . 25,325 articles in English Arts Biography Geography History Mathematics Science Society Technology All portals

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We begin WikipediaAcademy by acquainting you first as a user and later as an editor. The url for English Wikipedia is http:\\en wikipedia .org\Main_Page.htm which takes you to the Main Page of the English Wikipedia . BOX The prefix "en" in the url is the for English language. By replacing

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This page shows suggestions for syllabi for university level courses on Wikipedia . Contents 1 Syllabus suggestion 1: Wikis and Wikipedia - publishing, reliability and technology 1.1 Course aim 1.2 Learning outcomes 1.3 Contents 1.4 Assignments and assessments 1.5 Literature

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Wikipedia administrators From Wikiversity Jump to: navigation , search Wikipedia Administrators are described as "Wikipedians to whom the community gives access to technical features that help with maintenance". However, administrator abuse has been an important issue on Wikipedia

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There is currently one main survey regarding the Wikipedia project. This survey can be altered to include additional questions: Wmdgs wikipedia -survey1 [ edit ] This is the initial survey regarding Wikipedia . To participate, add the following to your survey page: {{Wmdgs wikipedia -survey1

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