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Wikipedia Corruption print that page

Details are found throughtout various internet forums and news groups including on Wikipedia 's own site. Wikipedia 's own editors and administrators are using the system as their own personal forum, with which to spam google, to use double standards and their own bias to control articles, | 2008/8/31 22:22:49

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Welcome to the Wikinews Wikipedia section. For more information about writing and editing see the Newsroom . Refresh for latest articles. RSS . If you are looking for ideas to write about, the Wikinews:Research Desk is a good place to start. [ edit ] Latest news 8 August 2011: Wikinews | 2011/9/28 0:20:46

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The following 91 pages are in this category, out of 91 total. * Portal Wikipedia 2 2008-09 Wikipedia for Schools goes online A Author of Wikipedia character assassination takes responsibility Authorities contacted after school death threat made on Wikipedia B Berlin court issues provisional | 2012/6/30 15:10:53

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anus | 2013/2/8 17:02:08

Russian Wikipedia reaches half a million articles print that page

The Russian Language Wikipedia surpassed 500,000 articles at 10:02 UTC on February 25, 2010, after " Ys ", an article about a Joanna Newsom album, was created by Nurse fiction , a newcomer to the Wikipedia . The Russian language Wikipedia is the tenth largest language edition of Wikipedia | 2015/7/10 14:19:16

Chinese Wikipedia unblocked by government print that page

According to reports, the government of People's Republic of China has stopped restricting access to the Chinese Wikipedia in some parts of the country starting on July 3. The report originated on the Wikimedia Foundation 's mailing list quoting a website saying Wikipedia Chinese version | 2015/7/9 19:24:43

Congressional staff actions prompt Wikipedia investigation print that page


Edits by Massachusetts congressman Marty Meehan's staff on his Wikipedia article spurred a Lowell Sun story and a subsequent Wikipedia investigation of all Internet addresses assigned to the Congress of the United States . Sorry, your browser either has JavaScript disabled or does

Polish Wikipedia reaches 300,000 articles print that page


Today, at 18:37 (CEST), exactly five years after creating first article in Polish language, Polish Wikipedians wrote the 300,000th article. The article is a stub about a Lithuanian basketball player Darius Lukminas . A few days ago Polish Wikimedians celebrated the 5th birthday of Polish Wikimedia

Congressional computers continue to be used to vandalize Wikipedia print that page


Beginning in 2006, Wikinews reported that members of Congress or their staff were vandalizing Wikipedia by removing critical information in various articles, or adding false or offensive information. These edits were and continue to be done using computers owned or operated by the United

English Wikipedia publishes 3 millionth article print that page


The English language version of Wikipedia , a free content online encyclopedia, published its 3 millionth article on Monday, according to an announcement on the site's Main Page. On the Main Page of Wikipedia a message was posted saying that "the English-language Wikipedia thanks its contributors