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Unlike other Wikimedia sister projects, Wikinews contents are mostly available under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 or later. Contents [ edit ] Wikinews /How to write a Wikinews article Projects for collaboration between Wikiversity and Wikinews [ edit ] Wikiversity and Wikinews | 2015/9/30 8:50:51

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journalism students at the University of Wollongong were assigned tasks of researching & writing Wikinews stories. They were assessed with a system of rolling marks, each submission earning small increments of marks. The final grade determined at the last moment, giving them the best chances | 2017/7/24 16:40:54

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Well, the first thing you have to think, is "Is my article really news?". Please check too if it hasn't been created yet. Some steps to follow [ edit ] Create the article. This tool will be helpful for your proposes. Leave the {{date thing that way. It'll put the date automatically. Under

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This Wikimedian Demographics subresource is dedicated to Wikinews . Contents 1 Available Surveys 2 Requested Surveys 3 New Surveys 4 Related topics on Wikiversity 5 Survey Announcement Forums 5.1 Wiki-based forums 5.2 Mailinglist and IRC forums 5.3 Talkpage mailer bots | 2015/9/30 3:25:13

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Wikinews is now "embedded at Wikiversity. We are here to learn and teach what we know about good journalism . We have unilaterally decided to make the best of what we have, and we know that the service community at Wikiversity is commited to all Wikimedia projects, including, in a special | 2016/4/4 12:49:52

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Journalism studies and Wikinews /Lectures From Wikiversity Journalism studies and Wikinews Jump to: navigation , search Category : Journalism studies and Wikinews | 2017/3/20 3:06:07

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Throughout the session you should research and write a 250 word news story, then as soon as possible nominate it to the "edit room" on Wikinews or Spotus community generated news. The story might be originated, for instance, from cables on Wikileaks. Once you nominate the story to the "edit | 2017/3/19 23:47:18

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Journalism studies and Wikinews /Articles From Wikiversity Journalism studies and Wikinews Jump to: navigation , search Category : Journalism studies and Wikinews | 2017/3/19 22:55:06

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Through negotiation with Google News, project bureaucrat Brian McNeil successfully arranged listing of the English-language Wikinews project in Google's index-cum-agregator; adopting the Wikimedia extension for Flagged Revisions, and technically implementing a formal peer review process | 2016/2/1 0:27:37

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Investigative Journalism course assigned students to write, review and attempt to get stories published on Wikinews . It was found that Wikinews was effective for improving participant engagement and motivation, and for enhancing the quality of submissions. Wikinews review and editorial processes