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Wikibooks hosts textbooks. Wikiversity does not host textbooks. Wikiversity started at Wikibooks , but later evolved into a separate project. Wikiversity is for types of learning resources that are not hosted by other Wikimedia projects. Wikiversity is exploring ways to use wiki technology

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This page is for collecting research papers about Wikibooks , and providing a common workspace for people interested in researching Wikibooks . Contents 1 Published studies on Wikibooks 2 Useful resources 3 People interested in researching Wikibooks 4 Ideas for projects Published

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Business Wikibooks From Wikiversity Jump to: navigation , search Accounting Investing Marketing Corporate Social Responsibility Macroeconomics Microeconomics Enterprise Resource Planning Internals Accountancy Asset Allocation Asset Pricing Business English

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and Global Health References [ edit ] ↑ Ravid, G., Kalman, Y. M., & Rafaeli, S. (2008). Wikibooks in higher education: Empowerment through online distributed collaboration. Computers in Human Behavior, 24(5), 1913-1928. Categories : Document Management Open Educational Resources

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This Wikimedian Demographics subresource is dedicated to Wikibooks . Contents 1 Available Surveys 2 Requested Surveys 3 New Surveys 4 Related topics on Wikiversity 5 Survey Announcement Forums 5.1 Wiki-based forums 5.2 Mailinglist and IRC forums 5.3 Talkpage mailer bots

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Wikiversity strives to provide education-related services to Wikimedia sister projects. Contents 1 Service activities in support of Wikibooks 2 Linking a Wikibooks textbook module to a Wikiversity project 3 Aligning Wikibooks and Wikiversity 4 See also 5 External links Service

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Physics and astronomy Wikibooks From Wikiversity Jump to navigation Jump to search Wikibooks [ edit ] FHSST Physics Physics Guide Modern Physics Calculus Physics Physics With Transforms Special Relativity General Relativity Classical Mechanics GCSE Science A-Level Physics

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The school aims to harness the community in writing Wikibooks , Learning Projects , and Learning Materials related to business. Areas of Study [ edit ] Currently the School of Business is composed of the following areas of studies, modeled after recognized existing universities. Accounting

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knowing what the different projects are and how they relate to one another. Contents 1 Wikibooks 2 Wikimedia Commons 3 Meta 4 Wikisource 5 Wikispecies 6 Wiktionary 7 Wikinews 8 Wikiversity 9 Wikiquote 10 See also Wikibooks [ edit ] Wikibooks is for the creation

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A university is traditionally a place where interested persons gather for instruction, for research, and for earning degrees. Wikiversity offers a collaborative environment for the creation, sharing, and discussion of open educational resources , open research and open academia . Wikiversity