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WikiJournal User Group From Wikiversity Jump to: navigation , search Soft redirect This page can be found at meta WikiJournal User Group . Categories : Wikiversity soft redirects WikiJournal

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The name of this organization is WikiJournal (abbreviated as WikiJ, Wiki J or WJ). When referred collectively to the group of included journals the plural term WikiJournals may be used. ARTICLE II - STATEMENT OF PURPOSE [ edit ] The mission of the WikiJournal is to receive scholarly works

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These are the contact addresses and mailing lists of the Journals within the WikiJournal Publishing Group. Subscribe to general WikiJournal mailing list WikiJournal of Medicine [ edit ] Discussion forum: Discussion page Ideas and discussion News General inquiries: Contact WikiJMed

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endeavor of creating a journal, check whether a journal in your field of interest already exists as a WikiJournal or Preliminary WikiJournal . 2. A good way to start the creation of a journal would be to gather a group of people with the same ambition, and such people who may be found

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The WikiJournal Publishing Group (or other top-level name) is a set of open-access, peer-reviewed academic journals with no publishing costs to authors. Its goal is to provide free, quality-assured knowledge. Secondly, it aims to bridge the Academia-Wikipedia gap by enabling expert contributions

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editorial board, as well as associate editors. Journal-specific peer reviewer guidelines [ edit ] WikiJournal of Medicine - reviewer criteria Wiki.J.Med. - www.WikiJMed.org WikiJournal of Science - reviewer criteria Wiki.J.Sci. - www.WikiJSci.org WikiJournal of Humanities

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Discussion on Meta 3 Reasons 4 If and when 5 Name election 5.1 Subject-specific journals 5.2 Wikijournal , WikiJournal or Wiki Journal? Previous discussion [ edit ] Proposal:Journal , an outline of the idea at the Wikimedia strategic planning site Discussion on Meta

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This is the ethics statement for WikiJournal User Group . This statement has been adapted from the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics [1] [2] In addition, the journal follows the ICMJE’s Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing and Publication of Scholarly Work

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The WikiJournal of Science provides students and instructors at or near the college or university level with concise articles that are focused to specific levels of education. While editors are committed to having each article reviewed by at least one person familiar with the subject, this

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By: Mikael Häggström , Gwinyai Masukume and James Heilman Wikiversity Journal was accepted as a user group of Wikimedia on June 1, 2016. This article therefore summarizes its activity and future prospects. Wikiversity Journal User Group allows contributions to the Wikimedia movement

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