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Arkitektur Förlag AB. p. 175. ISBN   91 86050-41-9 .   [ edit ] External links Prince Eugen's Waldemarsudde (official website) v   •   d   •   e Crown palaces in Sweden Occupied The Royal Palace in Stockholm  · Drottningholm Palace  · Gripsholm Castle

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On the bottom floor there are, among other things, exhibits on naval history including several detailed models of 18th century ships. The second floor includes exhibits on Swedish commercial fleets. In the basement is a cabin from King Gustav III 's ship "Amphion". The gently curved building

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Wallmarsön , Waldemarksön (17th c.)) and this name is still preserved in locations such as Waldemarsudde . Though several proposals to explain this name have been put forward, no authoritative explanation is generally accepted. While the name of King Valdemar (1239 – 1302) was probably

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David Wallin is best known for his oil paintings with genre motifs and idealized images of nude women in atmospheric landscapes, where he stressed the affinity of human and nature. He also painted tender depictions of mother and child, and a series of portraits of famous Swedes and genres as

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The Government agencies in Sweden are state controlled organizations who act independently to carry out the policies of the Swedish Government . The Government Ministries are relatively small and merely policy-making organizations, allowed to control agencies by policy decisions but not by | 2010/9/25 21:26:33

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The Nordic Museum ( Swedish : Nordiska museet ) is a museum located on Djurgården , an island in central Stockholm , Sweden , dedicated to the cultural history and ethnography of Sweden from the Early Modern age (which for purposes of Swedish history is said to begin in 1520) until the

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The museum is serving the inhabitants in the county, especially those living in districts without a local museum. It documents both pre-historical and historical structures in the county and promotes Stockholmers to visit historical locations by arranging "cultural paths" binding these sites | 2010/9/24 22:56:58

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Natural History  · Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology  · Vasa Museum  · Waldemarsudde Categories : Museums in Stockholm | Art museums and galle

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The Royal Coin Cabinet ( Swedish : Kungliga Myntakabinettet ) is a museum located on Slottsbacken , Gamla Stan , in central Stockholm , Sweden , dedicated to the history of money. It is an institution with a national responsibility for the conservation and the historical studies of coins

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Natural History  · Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology  · Vasa Museum  · Waldemarsudde This article about a European museum is a stub . You can help Wikipedia by expanding it . v   •   d   •   e This article about a Swedish building or structure