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These southern parts of Karelia is known to be the oldest parts of modern Finland with settlements. First markings of Vehkalahti as a continuous settlement or village are dated in 1336, when it has become a major place for east/west trading. The plans to build a town grew slowly as the place

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Reserve Officer School began in the same facilities. Because the town was once founded next to the Vehkalahti Church, the municipal center had always been inside the town borders. Vehkalahti and Hamina were consolidated in 2003, and the old coat of arms was replaced with Vehkalahti 's

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The Finnish nobility (Fi. Aateli , Sw. Adel ) was historically a privileged class in Finland , deriving from its period as part of Sweden and the Russian Empire . Noble families and their descendants are still a part of Finnish republican society today, but except for the titles themselves | 2010/9/27 3:35:32

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Coat of arms Capital Viipuri ¹ President  - 1918-1920 Antti Verner Hackzell  - 1925-1944 Arvo Manner History  -  Established December 6 1743  -  Moscow Peace Treaty March 21, 1940  -  Moscow Armistice September 19, 1944  -  Paris Peace Treaty

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His achievements in major athletic championships include gold in the 10,000 metres race 1978 European Championships in Athletics in Prague and bronze in the same distance at the 1982 European Championships in Athletics in Athens . At the 1983 World Championships in Athletics he dropped | 2011/2/1 17:37:50

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occupied by Russians. There are two old cemeteries in Husula, other one is the old graveyard of Vehkalahti and the other one is old graveyeard of Hamina. The highway 26 (which leads east to Lappeenranta ) separates those two cemeteries so that the Vehkalahti cemetery is on the northern | 2011/7/30 1:39:36

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Born in Vehkalahti , he was one of the leading representatives of javelin throwing in his home country in the 1980s, but did not attain international success until the year 1988. At the Summer Olympics held in Seoul , South Korea , Korjus held the silver medal position for most of the contest | 2010/9/25 5:16:52

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Kaari Utrio was born in Helsinki to a middle-class family. Her father was Urho Untamo Utrio , who after the Winter War worked as CEO of Tammi , a Finnish publishing company . Her mother Meri Marjatta Utrio (née Vitikainen) worked as an editor and a translator to Finnish . There were about | 2010/9/26 14:03:41

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Sources Sjöström (2011), "Medieval landed inheritances of the Junkar and Vilken lineages of Vehkalahti , Finland", Journal of the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, vol 3 issue 5 (January 2011), pp 425-461 Kari Alofrosti's material This article has not been added to any categories | 2011/3/6 22:43:50

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He was born in Vehkalahti and died in Kotka . He was the cousin of Veikko Lommi . In 1948 he was a crew member of the Finnish boat which was eliminated in the quarter-finals of the coxed fours event . Four years later he won the bronze medal with the Finnish boat in the coxless fours comptition | 2010/9/26 8:20:41