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This is the category for the United Kingdom . See also the United Kingdom Portal . Latest stories Refresh this list to see the latest articles. 25 April 2018: Scottish man sentenced over 'grossly offensive' joke on YouTube 13 March 2018: Mirror's exposé prompts call for inquiry

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iwant to give some news to one of the newspapers of America please tell me how can I do this? can you tell me the result of this Iam waiting for your ansure | 2008/5/11 13:01:24

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Vincent Cable will become acting leader while a leadership election takes place. Home Affairs spokesman Nick Clegg and environment spokesman Chris Huhne are considered to be possible candidates. Campbell, 66, was elected leader in January 2006 after Charles Kennedy stood down. Since then

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his presidency, as well as to meet British businessmen interested in investing in Romania. The United Kingdom has been one of the largest foreign investors in Romania and continues to invest significantly in the country, which is attractive due to its low labour costs, which are lower than

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A British poll indicates 56% would vote "no" at this point if given a chance, while only 22% would vote "yes". Following the UK's decision, the Czech Republic also suspended its referendum. Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek said that for his country it is "impossible at this moment [to have its | 2015/10/5 21:44:13

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in Scotland of the next General Election, a Conservative Government will govern the whole of the United Kingdom , including Scotland, with respect. Have an opinion on this story? Post it! Sources Sorry, your browser either has JavaScript disabled or does not have any supported | 2015/7/10 21:54:51

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The United Kingdom was hit Friday by heavy snow , rain and floods which brought widespread disruption. In Northern Ireland , thousands of people are still without power today. Many homes and businesses across Scotland are still without power after heavy snow downed power lines. Initially

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According to a new report by the United Kingdom exams regulator Ofqual , teachers have been "significantly" over-marking some pupils' GCSE coursework. Pupils sit GCSEs aged between 14–16. Part of the pupils' overall grade is made up of controlled assessment, which usually takes place | 2012/11/3 1:41:08

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The first members of parliament for the British National Party (BNP) were elected today, in the United Kingdom elections for the European Parliament . Nick Griffin , the leader of the party, was elected Member of the European Parliament in the North West England region, and Andrew Brons

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An aircraft dating back to the Second World War has crashed at Shoreham Airshow in West Sussex , United Kingdom whilst participating in a mock dogfight, killing the pilot. The plane was with the Royal Air Forces Association and had been performing in a Battle of Britain display. Witness