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In 1960 Sonobond Ultrasonics, originally known as Aeroprojects, Incorporated, developed the first metal ultrasonic welding machine to be awarded a United States Patent. [ 1 ] [ edit ] Process For joining complex injection molded thermoplastic parts, ultrasonic welding equipment can

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It was invented and experimentally proven by Wayne Thomas and a team of his colleagues at The Welding Institute UK in December 1991. TWI holds a number of patents on the process, the first being the most descriptive. [ 1 ] Contents 1 Principle of operation 2 Microstructural features

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The principle of UIT is based on the instrumental conversion of harmonic oscillations of an acoustically tuned body into resonant impulses of ultrasonic frequency . The acoustically tuned body is brought to resonance by energizing an ultrasonic transducer . The energy generated from these

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The Ultrasonic Consolidation process was invented and patented [ 5 ] by Dawn White. In 1999, White founded Solidica Inc. [ 6 ] which is the commercial owner and provider of the UC technology [ 7 ] . The commercial equipment for UC is called the Form-ation machine. [ edit ] Process As

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The dimensions of the metal rod (called as extender) and its shape depends upon the node and antinode formation of the passing ultrasonic wave that is created due to continuous expansion and contraction of the piezoelectric material. Thus ultrasound is generated due to continuous expansion

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This technique is rather more costly than arc stud welding and is therefore used for special applications where arc welding may present problems, such as: welding underwater welding on live subsea pipelines to attach anodes welding in explosive environments and zoned areas welding

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Many different energy sources can be used for welding , including a gas flame , an electric arc , a laser , an electron beam , friction , and ultrasound . While often an industrial process, welding may be performed in many different environments, including open air, under water and in outer

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A number of techniques are used for welding plastics. [ edit ] Hot gas welding Hot gas welding , also known as hot air welding , is a plastic welding technique which is analogous to gas welding metals, though the specific techniques are different. A specially designed heat gun, called

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the arc stream and the workpiece surface. This process is being replaced by shielded metal-arc welding , mainly because of the availability of inexpensive inert gases. In atomic hydrogen welding , filler metal may or may not be used. In this process, the arc is maintained entirely independent

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In EGW, the heat of the welding arc causes the electrode and workpieces to melt and flow into the cavity between the parts being welded. This molten metal solidifies from the bottom up, joining the parts being welded together. The weld area is protected from atmospheric contamination by a

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