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Hedvig Eleonora had grand plans for the palace and renamed it in 1684 Ulriksdal after its intended future owner, her grandson Prince Ulrik. The prince, however, died at the age of one and Hedvig Eleonora kept the palace until her death in 1715 when the property was transferred to the crown

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The Stockholm Palace ( Swedish : Stockholms slott or Kungliga slottet ) is the official residence and major royal palace of the Swedish monarch . (The private residence of the royal family is Drottningholm Palace ). Stockholm Palace is located on Stadsholmen ("city island"), in Gamla Stan

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Count Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie (15 October 1622 – 26 April 1686) was a Swedish statesman and military man. He became a member of the Swedish Privy Council in 1647 and came to be the holder of three of the five offices counted as the Great Officers of the Realm , namely Lord High Treasurer

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After converting to Catholicism and abdicating her throne, she spent her latter years in France and Rome , where she was buried in St. Peter's Basilica . Contents 1 Early life 1.1 Relationship to her mother 1.2 Visit from Descartes 2 Queen regnant 2.1 Religion and personal

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administrative functions: Bergshamra , Haga , Hagalund , Huvudsta , Järva , Råsunda , Skytteholm and Ulriksdal . The largest districts are Råsunda, Hagalund and Huvudsta, with the Solna Centrum in between them. Solna is served by the Stockholm public transport system with buses, Metro

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Rosendal Palace  · Rosersberg Palace  · Strömsholm Palace  · Tullgarn Palace  · Ulriksdal Palace Historical Sofiero Palace  · Waldemarsudde Coordinates : 59°19′01″N 17°52′43″E / 59.31694°N 17.87861°E / 59.31694; 17.87861 This

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In late 17th century, the Renaissance style was out of fashion and Oxenstierna's son, Bengt Oxenstierna , had it radically modernised in the then current Rococo style under the architect Nicodemus Tessin the Younger . The gables of the main building were demolished and the building was given

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King Gustav Vasa had a fortress built at Strömsholm in the 1550s. This later provided the foundation for the present Strömsholm Palace, built in 1669-1674 for Queen Hedvig Eleonora to a design by Nicodemus Tessin the Elder . The palace consists of a central building framed by four square

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Rosendal Palace  · Rosersberg Palace  · Strömsholm Palace  · Tullgarn Palace  · Ulriksdal Palace Historical Sofiero Castle  · Waldemarsudde Coordinates : 56°51′55″N 16°38′06″E / 56.86516667°N 16.63488889°E / 56.86516667; 16

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The Ulriksdal dirt course was a course located 6 km north of Stockholm , Sweden at Ulriksdal . It hosted part of the cross-country portion of the eventing competition for the equestrian events at the 1956 Summer Olympics . [ edit ] Reference 1956 Summer Olympics equestrian official | 2011/3/29 13:25:09