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A flat tire (British English: flat tyre ) is a deflated pneumatic tire , which can cause the rim of the wheel to ride on the tire tread or the ground potentially resulting in loss of control of the vehicle or irreparable damage to the tire and wheel. The most common cause of a flat tire

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A Continental tire is an upright, external, mounted spare tire behind an automobile 's trunk compartment. The term also describes a non-functional bulge that is stamped into the trunk lid or a cosmetic accessory to the rear of the car giving the impression of a spare tire mount.

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ratings for traction, treadwear, and temperature resistance (collectively known as The Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTQG) ratings ). Most tires sizes are given using the ISO Metric sizing system. However, some pickup trucks and SUVs use the Light Truck Numeric or Light Truck High Flotation | 2011/8/26 14:35:53

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Static balance can be measured by a static balancing machine where the tire is placed in its vertical axis on a non-rotating spindle tool. The spot on the tire with the greatest mass is acted upon by gravity to deflect the tooling downward. The amount of deflection indicates the magnitude

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wheels, especially when factoring the additional stress that braking puts on the front tires. Thus, tire rotation needs to occur more frequently for front-wheel drive vehicles. Turning the vehicle will cause uneven tire wear. The outside, front tire is worn disproportionately. Cloverleaf | 2011/2/13 23:03:39

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A spare tire is an additional tire (or tyre - see spelling differences ) carried in a motor vehicle as a replacement for one that goes flat , a blowout , or other emergency. Spare tire is generally a misnomer , as almost all vehicles actually carry an entire wheel as a spare, as fitting

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A tire pressure monitoring system ( TPMS ) is an electronic system designed to monitor the air pressure inside the pneumatic tires on various types of vehicles. The system is also sometimes referred to as a tire -pressure indication system (TPIS). These systems report real-time tire -pressure | 2011/8/17 2:31:45

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A tire iron ( tyre iron in British English ; also tire lever or tyre lever ) is a specialized metal tool used in working with tires that have inner tubes . Tire irons have not been in common use for automobile tires since the shift to the use of tubeless tires in the late 1950s.

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Sometimes a pneumatic tire gets a hole or a leak through which the air inside leaks out resulting in a flat tire , a condition which must be fixed before the car can be driven safely. See Flat tire for more information. [ edit ] Spare tires Vehicles typically carry a spare tire , already

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A bicycle tire is a tire that fits on the wheel of a bicycle , unicycle , tricycle , quadracycle , bicycle trailer , or trailer bike . They may also be used on wheelchairs and handcycles , especially for racing . Bicycle tires provide an important source of suspension , generate the lateral