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Young made notable scientific contributions to the fields of vision , light , solid mechanics , energy , physiology , language , musical harmony and Egyptology . Contents 1 Biography 2 Research 2.1 Wave theory of light 2.2 Young's modulus 2.3 Vision and colour theory 2.4

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Andrews was born in Belfast, Ireland where his father was a linen merchant . He attended the Belfast Academy and the Royal Belfast Academical Institution , where at the latter of which he studied mathematics under James Thomson . In 1828 he went to the University of Glasgow to study chemistry

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he received his Ph.D. in geology from Harvard University . He spent the next few years as a scientist in the laboratory. He felt strongly that experimentation was the key to understanding earth science . Jaggar constructed water flumes bedded by sand and gravel in order to understand stream

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During his administration at NASA, the first seven Apollo manned missions were flown. Paine was also deeply involved in preparing plans for the post-Apollo era at NASA. Contents 1 Early life, education, and family 2 Scientific career 3 NASA Administrator 4 Apollo 11 Goodwill

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Studying political science under John Hallowell , Flanagan completed his graduate studies at Duke University , earning an M.A. in 1967 and a Ph.D. in 1970. Flanagan has taught at the University of Calgary since 1968 and co-authored an introductory Canadian politics textbook. [ 2 ] [ edit

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He was educated at The Royal School, Armagh , the Royal University of Ireland and Trinity College, Dublin . From 1891 to 1900 he was Professor of Natural Philosophy at University College Dublin . He was a Fellow of the Royal University of Ireland and of the Royal Society , London and was

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1963, Allibone left Aldermaston Court to become the Central Electricity Generating Board 's chief scientist , a post he held until 1970. He also became External Professor of Electrical Engineering at Leeds University in 1967. Allibone was one of the sponsors of the election to Fellowship

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called Addison's disease . [ edit ] Guy's Hospital Addison's memorable career as a physician and scientist is usually dated to 1817 when he enrolled as a physician pupil at Guy's Hospital. Guy's Medical School recorded his entrance as follows: "Dec. 13, 1817, from Edinburgh, T. Addison

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Grenfell , Ronald Knox , and Julian Huxley . In view of his delicate health and his promise as a scientist , Oxford allowed Merton to go straight to a research thesis without taking his final exams ; this was an unusual privilege. His investigation of the properties of solutions of caesium

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Trouton was born in Dublin on 24 November 1863, the youngest son of the wealthy and prominent Thomas Trouton. He attended Royal School Dungannon and went on to Trinity College, Dublin in 1884, where he studied engineering and physical science. While still an undergraduate student, Trouton