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2007 New Zealand anti-terror raids print that page


The 2007 New Zealand anti-terror raids were a series of armed police raids conducted on Monday, 15 October 2007, in response to the discovery of an alleged paramilitary training camp deep in the Urewera mountain range near the town of Ruatoki in the eastern Bay of Plenty . Police claimed

Foreign relations of New Zealand print that page


The foreign relations of New Zealand are oriented chiefly toward developed democratic nations and emerging Pacific economies. The country’s major political parties have generally agreed on the broad outlines of foreign policy, and the current coalition government has been active in promoting

New Zealand Herald and Auckland Gazette print that page

The New Zealand Herald and Auckland Gazette was Auckland 's first newspaper. It ran from July 1841 to January 1842, until it offended Governor-General Hobson so much it was closed down. It is not related to the current New Zealand Herald , which was first published in 1863. [ edit ] | 2011/4/10 6:41:21

New Zealand national rugby league team print that page


The New Zealand national rugby league team has represented New Zealand in rugby league football since intercontinental competition began for the sport in 1907. Administered by the New Zealand Rugby League , they are commonly known as the Kiwis , after the native bird of that name . The

New Zealand place names print that page


Most New Zealand place-names are derived from Māori and British sources. Both groups used names to commemorate notable people, events, places from their homeland, their ships or to described the surrounding area. The Māori did not have a collective name for New Zealand before European

New Zealand Police print that page


The New Zealand Police ( Māori : Ngā Pirihimana o Aotearoa , lit. The Policemen of New Zealand ) is the national police force of New Zealand , responsible for enforcing criminal law, enhancing public safety, maintaining order and keeping the peace throughout New Zealand . With over 11

Telecom New Zealand print that page


Telecom is one of the largest companies by value on the New Zealand Exchange (NZX). Further, it is the 39th largest telecommunications company in the OECD . [ 6 ] Telecom was formed in 1987 from a division of the New Zealand Post Office and privatised in 1990. The selling price was considered

Australian rules football in New Zealand print that page


The game is primarily organised in four provinces - Auckland ( Auckland Australian Football League ), Canterbury, New Zealand ( Canterbury Australian Football League ), Wellington ( Wellington AFL ) and Waikato ( Waikato AFL ). A new Otago league is currently in formation. A number of

2006 in New Zealand print that page

The 48th New Zealand Parliament continued. Government was a coalition between Labour and the Progressives , with United Future and New Zealand First supporting supply votes. The leaders of the two support parties are ministers outside Cabinet. Speaker of the House - Margaret Wilson | 2011/10/4 9:53:26

Australia – New Zealand relations print that page


acknowledge two distinct maritime boundaries conclusively delimited by the Australia – New Zealand Maritime Treaty of 2004 . Antarctic territorial claims of Australia (in pink) and New Zealand (in turquoise). These claims have been maintained since 1933 and 1924 respectively and