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The Godz started in 1966 on the ESP-Disk label. The first recording, produced by ESP-Disk at the close of 1966, was an attempt to rise above the limitations and accepted norm for popular music at the time. 1967 produced the second recording, a bolder, more adventurous soundscape which is | 2010/9/26 0:15:43

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Formed in 1976, the band conceived their moniker only to later learn of a band from New York City already known as The Godz . An "alleged" monetary settlement allowed them to keep their name. The Godz did not yet have a recording contract when they hit the road with Kiss alongside Cheap

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maracas ) Jay Dillon ( vocals , autoharp ) Larry Kessler ( vocals , violin , bass guitar ) The Godz were a New York City based avant-noise psychedelic band that originally existed from 1966 to 1973 [ 1 ] [ 2 ] . Contents 1 History 2 Sound and musical style 3 Discography | 2011/8/8 20:12:04

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They were schoolmates from Hatfield and had been playing together as The Juniors (or The Strangers), a band they formed in 1962. Also part of this band were Malcolm Collins and Alan Shacklock. They eventually signed with EMI / Columbia Records . Their first 7" single (Columbia DB7339) appeared | 2011/8/15 10:39:34

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The hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan has various "affiliates" which receive support, financial and otherwise, from the Wu-Tang Clan. This is a list of musical groups and producers that are officially affiliated with the group, mostly through the RZA . [ 1 ] The association of these affiliates | 2011/9/18 14:23:24

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The creative and song-writing force throughout Spacemen 3's history were Peter Kember and Jason Pierce . They met at Rugby Art College in Rugby, Warwickshire in Autumn 1982, both aged 16, and became close friends. Kember already knew Pierce’s elder brother. Pierce was in a band called

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Fradkin was born in New York City and raised in Riverdale in the Bronx . He travelled extensively in Europe , the United Kingdom and the Caribbean as a youngster. He began his musical education at the age of 10 being taught the basics of classical piano from his mother, a former concert | 2011/3/7 7:18:59

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guitarist Vivian Campbell (Dio, Whitesnake, Riverdogs, & Def Leppard) and drummer Kevin Valentine Godz , The Lou Gramm Band, KISS, & Neverland). They released a self-titled album in 1991 and contributed one song ( One Dream ) to the film Highlander II: The Quickening (starring Sean Connery | 2011/4/12 2:19:58

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Kingston and Young God met and began collaborating on music in 2003. [ 5 ] Young God, working under the name Rev.Left, began creating beats to rap over, but abandoned rapping and started producing exclusively around 2000. Kingston, working under the name Orphan, began his solo producing career

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(entire album) *except track 9 prod. True Master* Shyheim The Lost Generation LP "Young Godz " Various Artists America Is Dying Slowly "America" Various Artists The Great White Hype OST "Who's the Champion?" Various Artists High School High OST "Wu-Wear: The Garment