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" This passage is often used to demonstrate that the classically-trained Mannerist artists of Caravaggio 's day disapproved of his insistence on painting from life instead of from copies and drawings made from older masterpieces, but Bellori ends by saying: "...and in these two half-figures

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mother St Elizabeth . John alone in the desert was less popular, but not unknown. For the young Caravaggio , John was invariably a boy or youth alone in the wilderness. This image was based on the statement in the Gospel of Luke that "the child grew and was strengthened in spirit, and was

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Mantegna , Giorgione , Artemisia Gentileschi , and Lucas Cranach the Elder , among many others. Caravaggio 's approach was, typically, to choose the moment of greatest dramatic impact, the moment of the decapitation itself. The figures are set out in a shallow stage, theatrically lit from the

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A fortune teller is someone who practices fortune-telling , but the term may also refer to: Contents 1 Fine arts 2 Popular culture 3 Music 4 Sport [ edit ] Fine arts The Fortune Teller (operetta) , an operetta with music by Victor Herbert The Fortune Teller Caravaggio | 2010/9/26 10:38:21

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8.3 million (2007) [ 1 ] 8.5 million (2008) [ 2 ] 8.5 million (2009) [ dead link ] [ 3 ] Ranked 1st nationally Ranked 1st globally Director Henri Loyrette Curator Marie-Laure de Rochebrune Public transit access Palais Royal – Musée du Louvre Louvre-Rivoli

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Caravaggio trained as a painter in Milan under a master who had himself trained under Titian . In his early twenties Caravaggio moved to Rome where, during the late 16th and early 17th centuries, many huge new churches and palazzi were being built and paintings were needed to fill them.

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The subject was a common one for the age. Caravaggio’s treatment is remarkable for the realism of his Cupid – where other depictions, such as a contemporary Sleeping Cupid by Battistello Caracciolo , show an idealised, almost generic, beautiful boy, Caravaggio’s Cupid is highly individual

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from his patron, Cardinal Francesco Maria Del Monte , rather than from the church itself), caused Caravaggio considerable difficulty, as he had never painted so large a canvas, nor one with so many figures. X-rays reveal two separate attempts at the composition before the one we see today

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Mantua and subsequently, upon the recommendation by Peter Paul Rubens , who praised it as one of Caravaggio 's best works, the painting was bought by Vincenzo Gonzaga , Duke of Mantua , whose collection had later to be sold to Charles I of England. After his execution the English Commonwealth

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In August 1608 Caravaggio fled from Malta , where he had been imprisoned for an unknown crime, and took refuge in Sicily with his friend, the artist Mario Minniti . Through Minniti's intercession he procured a number of important concessions, including this for the church of the Padri Crociferi