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Boston Globe criticised for outing FBI informant print that page


The informant led the FBI to James 'Whitey' Bulger , a former mob boss in the Boston area, who is accused of committing 19 murders in South Boston . The informant was rewarded US$ 2 million dollars for their efforts in reporting the whereabouts of Bulger and was also promised complete anonymity

Freelance reporter fired from Boston Globe for adding fictitious details to story print that page

Barbara Stewart, former freelance reporter for The Boston Globe , was dismissed this week after adding fictitious details to a story about events which actually did not occur at the time of her writing. The Boston Globe 's Executive Editor Helen Donovan called the incident a "significant | 2015/7/10 0:36:53

Tom Menino wins historic fifth term as Mayor of Boston; plus results from area cities print that page


With sixteen years under his belt, Thomas Menino has won his fifth term as Mayor of Boston , longer than any other mayor in Boston 's history since it elected its first mayor nearly 200 years ago. Menino became acting mayor on July 12, 1993 when he assumed the position after the resignation

Concrete supplier indicted in Boston 'Big Dig' scandal print that page

agreement over 200 complaints of poor work in the construction of a highway system under the center of Boston , the Boston Globe reported Saturday. Reilly was said to be seeking $67 million from Bechtel and $41 million from other companies." The purpose of the project was to remove the | 2015/7/9 19:56:24

Runners, fans prepare for 109th Boston Marathon print that page


The 109th running of the world's oldest annual marathon, the Boston Marathon, will start in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, at noon on Monday, April 18, 2005. The marathon, one of the few marathons that requires entrants to run below certain times in another marathon to enter, is "tough for the

Indiana Pacers beat Boston Celtics by 3 in game 2 of US basketball playoffs print that page

—, a subsidiary of Walt Disney Internet Group , April 25, 2005 Shira Springer, Globe Staff. " Celtics split for Indiana " —  Boston .com , April 27, 2005 This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members . See the collaboration page and notes page | 2015/7/10 3:13:35

IDG cancels Macworld Boston print that page

Show organizer IDG has canceled Macworld Expo Boston . The East Coast Macworld Expo was held in Boston from 1985 to 1997. In 1998 it was moved to New York . In October 2002, IDG announced their intention to move the show back to Boston , a move many criticized. Apple quickly announced | 2015/7/10 2:45:51

NBA: Minnesota ready to trade Kevin Garnett to Boston print that page


Citing "league sources," both CNN/SI and the Boston Globe are reporting that Kevin Garnett is going to the Boston Celtics in a trade involving at least six players. This transaction in the United States ' premier professional basketball league NBA , which is contingent on a contract

Portion of ceiling collapses in Boston tunnel print that page

Massive concrete ceiling panels came crashing down in the I-90 Connector Tunnel of the Ted Williams Tunnel in Boston killing a 38-year old woman. The woman, Milena M. Delvalle, 38, of Jamica Plain was traveling with her husband, Angel Delvalle, 46 to Logan Airport just after 11:00 pm. At | 2015/7/10 12:32:17

Iconic gay couple split print that page

spokeswoman for the Goodridges confirmed the separation on July 20. In a telephone interview in to The Boston Globe newspaper, Breslauer stated, "Julie and Hillary Goodridge are amicably living apart. As always their number one priority is raising their daughter, and like the other plaintiff | 2015/7/10 2:53:48