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Would you like to join the TAO Community of Practice? - Please add your name and background information on the table below. Some people find filling in tables in wiki syntax difficult at the beginning. As an alternative, you may also just leave your name and background information on the | 2016/5/9 0:03:24

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An online community enables persons with common interests and values who use the internet and other communication technologies to share thoughts or work on joint projects on a regular basis and independently from their place of residence. Members of online communities may develop mutual attachments | 2016/3/20 21:34:42

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A community of practice (CoP) is, according to cognitive anthropologists Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger, a group of people who share a craft and/or a profession. The group can evolve naturally because of the members ' common interest in a particular domain or area, or it can be created specifically | 2018/2/25 14:50:34

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and collaborating with older adults online. We basically differ between Wikimedia Chapters and community organizations like SeniorWeb NL or Seniorweb CH. In addition, we differentiate between profit and non-profit / not-for-profit organizations; local, regional, national and international

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Find the internal pages of the community here . Activities In the TAO project, we gather, generate, transfer, test and document the know-how that is relevant for our purpose. These activities have resulted in the creation of the TAO Handbook. The learning and research activities

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Persona description of Heiko, a manager at a community centre Contents 1 Personal characteristics 2 Heiko’s professional goals 3 Stakeholders in Heiko's job 3.1 Management board of the community centre 3.2 Mayor / policy makers at the municipality 3.3 Current course participants

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in strategy development. It emphasizes a systematic view on the internal workings of the online community and a clear definition of its boundaries. Contents 1 Problem Statement 2 Purpose / Identity 3 Members / Target Audiences 4 Activities 5 Communication 6 Collaboration | 2017/8/5 2:58:08

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Berner Fachhochschule (BFH) acted as a cooperating partner in the organization, with Thomas Gehrig, TAO Project Manager, chairing the event. The workshop was later documented in the TAO handbook in Wikiversity. Invited presentations [ edit ] Well-known online communities from Germany presented

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f, 3 m) of online communities, 6 persons (4 f, 2 m) expressing an interest in joining an online community (intenders) and 6 persons (3 f, 3 m) not showing an active interest in online communities (hesitators). A group of 6 skeptics (refusers; 1 f, 5 m) were interviewed by phone. Means for | 2017/8/8 17:00:24

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online communities. Recommendations [ edit ] A model of action: attracting and retaining (senior) members of online communities : In order to turn potential users of online communities into active ones, it is necessary to take action on three levels. Firstly, users have to be attracted | 2016/4/12 13:52:57