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online communities. - Learn more about the project by checking out its official website . TAO is about engaging older adults in online activities...   TAO Handbook You're looking for information on how to involve older adults in your community's activities? In our

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Meetings usually take place at tao _communication/ . To stay informed, join the mailinglist (see below). Proceedings for our meetings [ edit ] In short [ edit ] To attend the meetings of the project... Join the mailinglist to arrange for dates and get invitations | 2018/5/29 12:25:25

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TAO /Handbook From Wikiversity TAO Jump to: navigation , search For expanding the list click "show". You can also download a “ready for printing” version of the handbook , it always represents the current state of the work done on these pages. Introduction Learn

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For the start simply keep the plain list updated: Template TAO /Infobox Activity Template TAO /LayoutMainpage Template TAO /LayoutEntrypoint Template TAO /LayoutCoP General Drafts Category : TAO | 2016/3/20 15:49:53

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the approaches being tested and implemented as part of the community activities in the project TAO . We want to describe these activities and support the transfer with our learning and/or research modules in this Wikiversity project. TAO Community Activity Aproach Concept Exploration | 2016/3/21 16:36:47

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This page contains personas representing the different target groups of the TAO Handbook and Community of Practice. You may want to browse already existing persona descriptions in order to discover the various life situations and perspectives of our target public or to add a persona description | 2017/8/8 15:07:09

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TAO /Participating From Wikiversity TAO Jump to: navigation , search Draft Some simple points we like to recommend for participation: Everyone can join, there are lots of different roles. See: ... There's a special page for input and rough brainstorming. See: ... We'd like | 2017/8/8 2:53:07

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Chapter subsites 1 Subsites 2 Chapter subsites 1 Subsites 2 Categories used [ edit ] Category TAO → all pages belonging to the project . Category TAO Handbook → all pages of the handbook . Category : TAO | 2017/8/8 2:43:43

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In an upcoming version, different languages of the contents of the TAO Handbook should be available. For example, translating the handbook to German would make including variours stakeholder groups a lot easier. Category : TAO | 2017/8/7 12:41:28

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TAO /Drafts From Wikiversity TAO Jump to: navigation , search Definition = Recommendation = External link = Reference = Category : TAO | 2017/8/6 7:18:41