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a stream of x-rays). The mechanism of microinterlocking which suggested that the curved tips of setae could act as microscale hooks was also challenged by the fact that geckos generate large adhesive forces even on molecularly smooth surfaces. Micro and nano view of gecko's toe [ 5

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macellaria and Cochliomyia hominivorax are metallic green to bluish green in major coloration, with setae on the dorsal surface of the stem vein, orange gena, pale white anterior spiracles , filiform palps, and three black longitudinal stripes (vittae) on the notum of the thorax. The species

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surfaces — regardless of a surface's orientation — due to millions of microscopic hairs, called setae , on the gecko's toes. Due to the principles of electrostatics , the setae of the gecko have a non-zero electrical charge which, when close to a surface, causes the setae and surface

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two front limbs [ 4 ] for a Tokay gecko launched a large body of research on bioadhesion and synthetic production of gecko setae , which has captured significant attention in the public eye. [ 5 ] During his Ph.D., he was among the first to develop conceptual and empirical video technology | 2011/9/19 20:32:56

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silk provides a combination of lightness, strength and elasticity that is superior to that of synthetic materials, and spider silk genes have been inserted into mammals and plants to see if these can be used as silk factories. As a result of their wide range of behaviors, spiders have become

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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that using this technique they have created a synthetic “gecko tape” with four times the sticking power of a natural gecko foot. [ 4 ] Particularly effective has been a checkerboard carpet of this material, which can be peeled and re-adhered

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to adhere to most surfaces without the use of liquids or surface tension . The spatula tipped setae on gecko footpads allow attractive forces called van der Waals interactions to arise between the adhesive setae and the surface. One study suggested that capillary adhesion might play a

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above the water, they close the entrance to their tubes with a shield-like operculum made of dark setae . When submerged, they extend their tentacles out of the tube to catch food particles and sand grains. The grains are sorted, with the best ones used to keep the tube in repair, [ 3 ]

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The subphylum (or phylum [ 1 ] ) Chelicerata (pronounced /kəˌlɪsəˈreɪtə/ or /kəˌlɪsəˈrɑːtə/ ) constitutes one of the major subdivisions of the phylum (or superphylum [ 1 ] ) Arthropoda , and includes horseshoe crabs , scorpions , spiders and mites . They originated as marine

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items. Natural animal fibers such as wool, silk, fur, or feathers are more prone to attack than synthetic fibers. [ 2 ] Dermestids ar