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The center of mass height, relative to the track, determines load transfer , (related to, but not exactly weight transfer ), from side to side and causes body lean. When tires of a vehicle provide a centripetal force to pull it around a turn, the momentum of the vehicle actuates load transfer

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wire, along with other compound chemicals. They consist of a tread and a body. The tread provides traction while the body ensures support. Before rubber was invented, the first versions of tires were simply bands of metal that fitted around wooden wheels in order to prevent wear and tear

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External links [ edit ] Description Third rail systems are a means of providing electric traction power to railway trains, and they use an additional rail (called a "conductor rail") for the purpose. On most systems, the conductor rail is placed on the sleeper ends outside the running

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Traction From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Look up gription  or traction in Wiktionary , the free dictionary. Traction may refer to: [ edit ] Engineering Forces: Traction (engineering) , adhesive friction or force in the context

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Every vehicle function that changes direction or speed relies on the friction between the tires and the road surface. If water comes between the tires and the road, friction may be reduced to the extent that the tires may slip, and the driver may lose control. The grooves of a rubber tire

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chassis, and a round guide pin is often used instead of a swiveling flag. Today, in all scales, traction magnets are often used to provide downforce to help hold the car to the track at higher speeds, though some enthusiasts believe magnet-free racing provides greater challenge and enjoyment

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The London Underground (also known as The Tube or The Underground ) is a rapid transit system serving a large part of Greater London and some parts of Buckinghamshire , Hertfordshire and Essex in England. It is the oldest underground railway in the world, the first section of which opened

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system that developed in Philadelphia after the arrival of electric trolleys in 1892. Several dozen traction companies were consolidated in 1906 into the Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company. The PRT funneled the West Philadelphia lines into subway tunnels as they approached the city center

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The Toronto subway and RT is a rapid transit system in Toronto , Ontario , Canada , consisting of both underground and elevated railway lines, operated by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). It was Canada's first completed subway system, with the first line being built under Yonge Street

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and Chicago Railways, and established a new bureau, the Board of Supervising Engineers (Chicago Traction ) , a board of engineers and accountants with responsibilities for assuring compliance with the ordinances, and setting standards for equipment and construction. [ 3 ] Through Routes over

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