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In continuum mechanics , stress is a measure of the internal forces acting within a deformable body . Quantitatively, it is a measure of the average force per unit area of a surface within the body on which internal forces act. These internal forces are a reaction to external forces applied | 2011/5/18 18:35:03

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In modern materials science , fracture mechanics is an important tool in improving the mechanical performance of materials and components. It applies the physics of stress and strain , in particular the theories of elasticity and plasticity , to the microscopic crystallographic defects

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As shown in the following table, solid mechanics inhabits a central place within continuum mechanics . The field of rheology presents an overlap between solid and fluid mechanics . Continuum mechanics The study of the physics of continuous materials Solid mechanics The study of the | 2010/10/2 1:36:58

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tunnels to escape when held as a prisoner of war by the Nazis during WWII introduced him to soil mechanics [ 1 ] . Subsequent to this 1958 paper, concepts of plasticity were introduced by Schofield and published later in a classic text book ( Schofield & Wroth 1968 ). Schofield was taught | 2010/9/26 19:37:48

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concludes with some examples of geotechnical engineering applications of the principles of soil mechanics such as slope stability, lateral earth pressure on retaining walls, and bearing capacity of foundations. Slope instability issues for a temporary flood control levee in North Dakota

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The aim of the analysis is usually to determine whether the element or collection of elements, usually referred to as a structure, can safely withstand the specified forces. This is achieved when the determined stress from the applied force(s) is less than the ultimate tensile strength , ultimate | 2011/7/12 9:29:41

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information about the particular material studied is added through a constitutive relation . Continuum mechanics deals with physical properties of solids and fluids which are independent of any particular coordinate system in which they are observed. These physical properties are then represented | 2011/10/1 6:28:32

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Contact mechanics is foundational to the field of mechanical engineering ; it provides necessary information for the safe and energy efficient design of technical systems and for the study of tribology and indentation hardness . Principles of contacts mechanics can be applied in areas such

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The study of fluid mechanics goes back at least to the days of ancient Greece , when Archimedes investigated fluid statics and buoyancy and formulated his famous law known now as the Archimedes' Principle . Rapid advancement in fluid mechanics began with Leonardo da Vinci (observation