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A staring contest (or blinking contest ) is a game in which two people stare into each other's eyes and attempt to maintain eye contact for a longer period of time than their opponent. The game ends when one participant intentionally or unintentionally looks away. A popular variation | 2011/4/24 17:55:52

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2005  ( 2005-03-18 ) 104 A beauty pageant checks into the Tipton to participate in a beauty contest . Cody bumps into a girl named Rebecca and finds that he likes her. When he accidentally enters the beauty pageant, Zack convinces him to stay in so they can win the 2,000 dollar prize | 2010/10/12 2:30:07

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edit ] Part Two Rick comes back to school after being humiliated during the "Whack Your Brain" contest . Toby Isaacs and Mr. Raditch , tell him to take the afternoon off, but Rick chooses to stay. Cleaning himself up in the washroom, Spinner and Jay trick Rick into thinking the prank was

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citizens. However, the nurses blow her off. The senior citizens then return to their boring selves, staring at TV static . [ edit ] Production Chris Martin of Coldplay guest starred as himself in the episode. Singer Chris Martin of the band Coldplay guest starred as himself in

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Clara Bow was born in 1905 [ 7 ] in a slum tenement in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn , New York , where she was also raised. [ 8 ] Bow was the third child; the first two, also daughters, born in 1903 and 1904, died in infancy. [ 9 ] Her mother, Sarah Bow (1880–1923), was told by a doctor

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lab where the thing that they have come to stop, starts. Gawl runs into trouble when he is caught staring into a fast food restaurant by Masami and is arrested when she accuses him of being the "fast food stalker." Koji and Ryo clear his name by making up a story about their orphanage burning | 2010/9/26 2:20:19

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Muthu comes to the city from his village for a song contest . He meets Senthil in the city and they both work hard for the song contest . Muthu tells Senthil about how he fell in love with Meena and how he got her to love him. Meena is the daughter of a song teacher in his village. He came

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To some extent, the meaning of a person’s staring behaviour depends upon the attributions made by the observer. Staring often occurs accidentally, when someone appears to be staring into space they may well be lost in thought, or stupefied, or simply unable to see. Staring conceptually

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Greaves sharing lyric-writing duties. In October 1993, the band won the annual Discovery To Disc contest held by Toronto's CFNY-FM radio station (better known as 102.1 The Edge). The contest , which aimed to support new Canadian alternative rock artists, awarded the group $100,000 to go | 2011/4/18 5:12:29

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impressive knockout of his opponent he would be invited back to the states the following year to contest against Atlanta based Thai Khunpon Dechkampu for the W.K.A. intercontinental title, in what would be the first of a number of title fights on American soil. Ngimbi was successful on