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Logistic regression/Section 2: Examples in SPSS print that page

come up as you’re working on the non-parametric homework? Contents 1 Example 1 1.1 SPSS “Drivers” Dataset Example of Looking at the Data 1.2 How to deal with Missing Data SPSS Example) 1.2.1 Crosstabs SPSS Report Section) 1.2.2 Logistic Regression SPSS Instructions

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How to use SPSS/About print that page

Use of SPSS is commonly, though not universally, taught to students in social science university degree programs around the world. Several limitations, however, exist with use of SPSS , including: It is expensive (full version is over $1000, with annual license fees) Student versions

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Sport research/Data analysis print that page

To find out whether there is a difference in the data you have collected we tend to employ the area of science referred to as statistics. Statistics can actually do much more then just tell you whether or not a difference takes place, it can also assist in the planning of your study. And if

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Multiple response analysis print that page

responses to be combined and collectively analysed. Such an analysis can be performed using the SPSS Multiple Response Sets function. General steps [ edit ] The three general steps are: Define a set of two more responses (you cannot do step 2 without doing this step first) Analyze

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IMHA-Research self-rated health risk factors at sea - multicenter project print that page


Coordinators and authors: Olaf Jensen & Debbie Andrioti The idea of this program is that all employees in the maritime industry take personal responsibility for the prevention of health risks. The health professionals take their specific responsibility in the maritime industry ´in coordination

Survey research and design in psychology/Tutorials/Introduction/SPSS print that page

The aim of this tutorial session is to (re)-familiarise participants with the SPSS software environment and to highlight some of its features which will be particularly useful during this unit . Demo data file [ edit ] View the accompanying screencast: [1] The Microsoft Excel file

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How to use SPSS/Using syntax print that page

. What is syntax? [ edit ] Syntax is a file type. Syntax is a text file which can store many SPSS commands. Syntax files are very handy. They can be used as a method of saving all of your changes to a dataset and can easily be followed by others. If anyone wants to know what changes you

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How to use SPSS/Recoding print that page

Recoding variables in SPSS can be very useful. Sometimes it is necessary to recode (sometimes referred to as transform) variables in case data was put into SPSS wrong or if things on the survey were incorrect. This can help the coder from doing a lot of extra work if the ladder is the case

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How to use SPSS print that page

This page links to some information and guidelines on using IBM SPSS Statistics (formerly SPSS or PASW Statistics), a proprietary statistical software package. Many of the examples and tutorials may also be applicable to PSPP - an open source statistics application. Topics [ edit ]

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How to use SPSS/Compute print that page

that it is or isn't significant. See also [ edit ] Composite scores Category : How to use SPSS

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