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The governing body is the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). The GAA is divided into provincial boards in Ireland and abroad. In Ireland, the four provincial boards are Munster GAA , Ulster GAA , Connacht GAA and Leinster GAA . Gaelic games in Northern Ireland are controlled by the Ulster

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The sport of skeleton can be traced to 1882, when soldiers in Switzerland constructed a toboggan track between the towns of Davos and Klosters . While toboggan tracks were not uncommon at the time, the added challenge of curves and bends in the Swiss track distinguished it from those of

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change from one Paralympiad to another. The Paralympic Games are a major international multi sport event for athletes with physical disabilities. This includes athletes with mobility disabilities, amputations , blindness , and Cerebral Palsy . Paralympic sports refers to organized competitive

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the London 2012 Olympics [ 1 ] In 2008/09, 61% of Cardiff residents regularly participated in sport and active recreation, the highest percentage out of all 22 local authorities in Wales. [ 2 ] Contents 1 Overview 2 Multi sport organisations 3 Team sports 3.1 Baseball 3

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Motorcycle racing (also known as Moto racing and Bike racing) is a motorcycle sport involving racing motorcycles . Motorcycle racing can be divided into two categories, tarmac-based road disciplines and off road . [ edit ] Track racing Main article: Track racing Track racing is a motorcycle

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Contents 1 Administration and funding 2 Popularity 3 Sports media 4 Elite level sport 4.1 Elite level team sports 4.1.1 Association football 4.1.2 Cricket 4.1.3 Rugby Football Rugby union Rugby league 4.1.4 Ice Hockey 4.1.5 Gaelic games

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The most popular sport in Honduras is football , the governing body of football in Honduras is the Federación Nacional Autónoma de Fútbol de Honduras . Honduras has taken part in the Summer Olympics eight times, and the Winter Olympics in 1992. Other sports played in Honduras include

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Highland games, the largest and most widespread multi sport festivals of the 19th century, [ 1 ] are claimed to have influenced Baron Pierre de Coubertin when he was planning the revival of the Olympic Games . De Coubertin saw a display of Highland games at the Paris Exhibition of 1889

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During the Second World War, in association with the French rugby union , the sport was banned by the Vichy government , an act which the sport has struggled to recover from. There has been a recent resurgence of the sport following the admission of Catalans Dragons to the European Super

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Along with Champions of Squash and Hockey , Cricket is the by far the most popular sport in Pakistan, and they have been considered the most dominant country in the sport of cricket, with numerous records under. [ 1 ] Traditional sports like Kabaddi and other well known games are also