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200 dead, many more missing in after landslide in Southern Columbia print that page

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General Petraeus: Fight for Afghan town Marja is 'just the initial operation' print that page


General David Petraeus , the U.S. general who oversees the war in Afghanistan , says the fight for the southern town of Marja — called Operation Moshtarak — is just the first operation in a long campaign. Petraeus says the battle of Marja is just the beginning. "This is just the initial

Two die in two-car crash near Connel, Scotland print that page

the crash. The Vauxhall driver, a 32-year-old woman, was transported by helicopter to Glasgow's Southern General Hospital , where she is reportedly in a critical albeit stable condition. Three child passengers in the Vauxhall, aged fourteen, five and two, were taken to Oban Hospital and

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US President Bush nominates Michael B. Mukasey as Attorney General print that page


1988 and served in that position for 18 years, including a 6-year tenure as Chief Judge of the Southern District of New York from 2000 to July 2006. Have an opinion on this story? Post it! Sources Wikipedia has more about this subject: Michael B. Mukasey Cbs/ap. " Bush Taps

U.S. Army's surgeon general asked to resign print that page


The United States Army's Surgeon General Lt. Gen. Kevin C. Kiley resigned Monday due to the recent Walter Reed Army Medical Center neglect scandal . Lt. Gen. Kiley is the third official to be stripped of command due to the scandal. Although he officially resigned, Pentagon officials made

Afghanistan holds first democratic general elections print that page

On Sunday, Afghanistan held its first democratic general elections. They are the first elections held in the country since last year's presidential elections. There was voter participation of about 50%, compared with 70% for the previous presidential election. According to Bimillah Bismal

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Canadian soldier killed in southern Afghanistan print that page

repairing the track on a Canadian Leopard tank near a cluster of villages known as Zangabad. Brigadier General Guy Laroche stated "The terrain was very rough and (tank treads falling off) is something we see on a regular basis." One of the soldiers was injured in the mortar attack, while

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Large tornadoes strike southern United States print that page

Enterprise High School, leaving 8 students dead, many injured and missing. The Sumter Regional Hospital in Americus , Georgia was also hit by a tornado, killing 2 people in the area and injuring an unknown number of others; the hospital was destroyed along with many other buildings in Sumter

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Many killed in tornadoes across southern U.S. print that page

Tornadoes have been reported across the southern United States , with some sources saying as many as 48 have died. The NOAA have reported that several buildings have been damaged in the tornadoes, including a hospital in Arkansas . At least 69 tornadoes have been reported to have taken

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United States Senator Ted Kennedy rushed to the hospital print that page


Doctors later concluded he had suffered two seizures , one at his home in Hyannis Port , and another en route to Massachusetts General Hospital from Cape Cod Hospital . It was reported that Kennedy was conscious and with family as doctors worked to determine the cause of the seizures.