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In the soldering process, heat is applied to the parts to be joined, causing the solder to melt and to bond to the workpieces in an alloying process called wetting . In stranded wire, the solder is drawn up into the wire by capillary action in a process called wicking . Capillary action also

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Wave soldering is used for both through-hole printed circuit assemblies, and surface mount . In the latter case, the components are glued by the placement equipment onto the printed circuit board surface before being run through the molten solder wave. As through-hole components have been

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Both lead-tin and silver-tin material can be soldered. Process recipes will differ depending on the alloy composition. For soldering 44-pin chip carriers to a board using soldering preforms, power levels were on the order of 10 Watts and solder times approximately 1 second. Low power levels

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released in late 1975, as, "fall[ing] flat," and, " reggae tinged." [ 3 ] [ edit ] Sources ^ " Soldering : Starlights ", AllMusic.com . ^ (1976). Arts review, Volumes 1-2; Volume 4 , p.51. Creative Arts Centre, University of the West Indies. ^ Erlewine, Stephen Thomas. " Daryl Hall

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In mathematics , more precisely in differential geometry , a soldering (or sometimes solder form ) of a fibre bundle to a smooth manifold is a manner of attaching the fibres to the manifold in such a way that they can be regarded as tangent. Intuitively, soldering expresses in abstract

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Dip soldering is used for both through-hole printed circuit assemblies, and surface mount . It is one of the cheapest methods to solder and is extensively used in the small scale industries of developing countries like India. Dip soldering is the manual equivalent of automated wave soldering

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A soldering gun is a tool for soldering metals using tin-based solder to achieve a highly conductive contact. The tool uses a pistol shape, and has a trigger style switch so it can be easily operated with one hand. The body of the tool contains a transformer with a single-turn secondary

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A soldering iron is a hand tool most commonly used in soldering . It supplies heat to melt the solder so that it can flow into the joint between two workpieces. A soldering iron is composed of a heated metal tip and an insulated handle. Heating is often achieved electrically, by passing

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There is a number of assembly processes used to perform selective soldering ; these include: Selective aperture tooling over wave solder . These tools effectively mask off the areas previously soldered in the SMT reflow soldering process while exposing only those areas to be selectively

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Reflow soldering is the most common method of attaching surface mount components to a circuit board . The goal of the reflow process is to melt the solder and heat the adjoining surfaces, without overheating and damaging the electrical components. In the conventional reflow soldering process

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