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garden for which the palace is known today. Prince Gustaf Adolf become king in 1950 and until 1973 Sofiero was his and his second wife Lady Louise Mountbatten 's official summer residence. It was supposedly the King's favorite place and upon his death, which occurred in Helsingborg, he left

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Svaneholmssjön, after that it was called Svaneholm. Through inheritance and purchase Svaneholm Castle came to the possession of Prebend Gyllenstierna in 1611. At the death of his great-grandson Axel Gyllenstierna in 1705, the castle went to the nephew Axel Julius Coyet via testament

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royal pavilion built in 1753. The pavilion is currently one of Sweden's Royal Palaces . The first castle building was built as a prefab house in 1753 and was a birthday gift to Queen Lovisa Ulrika from King Adolf Fredrik on the 24 of July. The current China Castle , which has replaced the

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occasion, a tour group was asked to be particularly punctual for a visit to the Royal Summer Palace at Sofiero , Sweden. There they were received at the door by Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden himself, then in his 80s, who showed the visitors around personally. His passion for India led to scores | 2010/9/27 1:44:13

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The castle was originally constructed between 1635 and 1638 by the high constable of Kristianstad , Malte Juel, during the Danish rule of Scania, but the history of the estate goes back to the Middle ages and it was owned by the Brahe family. Typical for its time, the castle was a Renaissance

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crown in 1565 by Abbot Laurids, whose tombstone has been preserved inside the chapel at Herrevad Castle . The date of his death, 30 October 1572, is certainly among the latest of surviving heads of any religious house in Skåne. The abbey school continued to function until 1575. The abbey

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tower continued to serve as a landmark for shipping through Øresund. [ edit ] Restoration The castle was restored starting during 1893-94, under instructions from Oscar Ferdinand Trapp, a Swedish businessman and engineer (1847-1916). Architect for the restoration was Josef Alfred Hellerströ

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King Gustav Vasa had a fortress built at Strömsholm in the 1550s. This later provided the foundation for the present Strömsholm Palace, built in 1669-1674 for Queen Hedvig Eleonora to a design by Nicodemus Tessin the Elder . The palace consists of a central building framed by four square