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Standardized rating scales such as Social Phobia Inventory can be used for screening social anxiety disorder and measuring severity of social phobia. [ 2 ] [ 3 ] A person with the disorder may be treated with psychotherapy , medication, or both. Research has shown cognitive behavior therapy | 2011/9/21 23:43:56

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Estimates of the lifetime prevalence of bipolar disorder vary, with studies typically giving values of the order of 1%, with higher figures given in studies with looser definitions of the condition. [ 3 ] The onset of full symptoms generally occurs in late adolescence or young adulthood

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The campaign recreates the entire drug marketing process. It starts from the invention of a new disorder to the branding process of naming the drug, its pill and logo design, and promotional merchandise. The campaign was on display at the Daneyal Mahmood Art Gallery in New York City from | 2011/5/3 17:42:32

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The United States provides benefits for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a severe anxiety disorder which persons, including military personnel, may develop after experiencing a psychologically traumatic event . For military personnel, the United States Department of

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estimated by sampling the psychiatric clinical cases , social phobia was thought to be a rare disorder . It is now recognized that this way of estimating is inappropriate, because people with social phobia rarely seek psychiatric help by the very nature of their disorder . A more reliable | 2010/9/25 4:50:19

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various physical complaints (e.g., body-aches, nausea) when separated from their parents. Separation anxiety may cause significant impairment in important areas of functioning, (e.g., academic and social). The duration of this problem must last for at least four weeks and must present itself | 2011/9/16 15:40:15

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about terminology and the use of the word borderline , [ 3 ] and some have suggested that this disorder should be renamed. [ 4 ] The ICD-10 manual has an alternative definition and terminology to this disorder , called Emotionally unstable personality disorder . There is related concern | 2011/9/23 21:06:19

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Screening tools like Panic Disorder Severity Scale can be used to detect possible cases of disorder , and suggest the need for a formal diagnostic assessment. [ 3 ] [ 4 ] Contents 1 Background 2 Signs and symptoms 3 Causes 3.1 Mediators and Moderators of Panic Disorder | 2011/9/27 21:34:13

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In psychiatry , adjustment disorder (AD) is a psychological response to an identifiable stressor or group of stressors that cause(s) significant emotional or behavioral symptoms that do not meet criteria for anxiety disorder , PTSD, or acute stress disorder . [ 1 ] The condition is different | 2011/9/30 21:09:00

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Posttraumatic stress disorder is classified as an anxiety disorder , characterized by aversive anxiety -related experiences, behaviors, and physiological responses that develop after exposure to a psychologically traumatic event (sometimes months after). Its features persist for longer than