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A smart fluid is a fluid whose properties (for example the viscosity ) can be changed by applying an electric field or a magnetic field . The most developed smart fluids today are fluids whose viscosity increases when a magnetic field is applied. Small magnetic dipoles are suspended

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A magnetorheological fluid (MR fluid ) is a type of smart fluid in a carrier fluid , usually a type of oil. When subjected to a magnetic field , the fluid greatly increases its apparent viscosity , to the point of becoming a viscoelastic solid. Importantly, the yield stress of the fluid

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has defined the electrical and mechanical interfaces, as well as compiled a list of automated smart ) software features, which are now beginning to be used by microAnalytical manufacturers for industrial applications. Contents 1 Background 2 History 3 NeSSI Technical Objectives

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Certain types of smart glass can allow users to control the amount of light and heat passing through: with the press of a button, it changes from transparent to translucent , partially blocking light while maintaining a clear view of what lies behind the window. Another type of smart glass

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Adobe's 2003 " Creative Suite " rebranding led to Adobe Photoshop 8's renaming to Adobe Photoshop CS. Thus, Adobe Photoshop CS5 is the 12th major release of Adobe Photoshop. The CS rebranding also resulted in Adobe offering numerous software packages containing multiple Adobe programs for

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The novel opens with Arnold's explanation of the fact that he was born with an excess of cerebral spinal fluid in his skull (an event that he describes as being "born with water on the brain "). The brain damage that resulted from this and the surgery that he went through in order to remove

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also offered high praise: " The Plot Against America creates its reality magisterially, in long, fluid sentences that carry you beyond scepticism and with a quotidian attentiveness to sights and sounds, tastes and smells, surnames and nicknames and brandnames — an accumulation of des petits

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cycle engines for use in developing countries , alternative fuels for automobiles , computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling of engines, and optical combustion diagnostics. The Department has invested in the laboratory through hiring faculty members who have established new EECL programs

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pieces will begin to fall, which burst upon impact with the land, and flow realistically like a fluid across the landscape. The main method of gathering points is by using the fireball piece to evaporate lakes, the amount of points depending upon the volume of water. On the right side of the