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The ages for compulsory education vary by state. It begins from ages five to eight and ends from ages fourteen to eighteen. [ 3 ] Compulsory education requirements can generally be satisfied by educating children in public schools , state-certified private schools , or an approved home school

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Elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education in Canada is a provincial responsibility and there are many variations between the provinces. Some educational fields are supported at various levels by federal departments. The Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada is responsible

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The 2009-2010 enrollment is 1925 pupils with 631 in the senior class. [ 4 ] The total number of faculty assigned to the high school is 142. At the same period, the racial make-up of the student body was: 72.75% White; 18.19% Black; 1.82% Hispanic or Latino, 6.93% Asian or Pacific Islander

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Responsibility Purpose Relevance Contribution Future Success Why Oregon-Davis New Tech? * 1 of only 62 schools in the country to adopt this 21st century educational model * 15:1 Student-Teacher ratio * All faculty members have received extensive training on technology implementation * New

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The Baccalaureate School for Global Education (BSGE) is a New York City Public School located in the Astoria section of Queens , New York . BSGE was established in 2002. It serves a student body of approximately 430 students between the 7th and 12th grades. BSGE is authorized by the International

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A Bachelor of Education ( B.Ed. ) is an undergraduate academic degree which qualifies the graduate as a teacher in schools . Contents 1 North America 2 United Kingdom 2.1 History 3 Australia 4 Republic of Ireland 5 Bachelor of Science and/with Education. B.Sc.Ed 6

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During the 20th century, the economic demand of labor with secondary education skills rose due to the rise of big businesses, advances in science and technology and large-scale retailing that led to the increase of returns of education. [ 4 ] [ edit ] Teaching secondary Teachers are certified

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The educational system in Taiwan is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education of Republic of China (commonly known as "Taiwan"). The system in the ROC produces pupils with some of the highest test scores in the world, especially in mathematics and science . [ 1 ] [ 2 ] It has been

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The Pyongyang University of Science and Technology , located just outside of Pyongyang city, started construction in 2001 and is largely funded by Korean and American Evangelical church groups. Its first class was scheduled to begin in 2003, although it has been delayed. Most recent announcements

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From primary to higher education, are primarily funded and overseen by three governmental ministries. [ 1 ] Ministry of Education - For schools, pirivenas (Schools for Buddhist priests), Teachers Training Colleges and Colleges of Education. Department of Examinations - National examination