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hint -- be mysterious. Scotty Valens: Did you ever actually see him or his pals hit the boy? Sean Murphy: If I would've seen something, I would've intervened. I'd have kicked those... African-American young gentlemen's asses. Prostitute: We gotta make a living same as you! Will

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the youngest winner of the prestigious Perrier Comedy Award for his show, A One Night Stand with Sean Hughes . [3] He marked his 30th birthday with the Sean Hughes Is Thirty Somehow tour, which was broadcast on Channel 4 , in 1995. Hughes returned to stand-up, touring the UK and Australia

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Sean Duffy From Wikiquote Jump to: navigation , search Sean Patrick Duffy (October 3, 1971–) is an American politician, prosecutor , former sports commentator and reality television personality. He first entered public life as a cast member on The Real World: Boston , 1998

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Quotes about person/work [ edit ] External links [ edit ] Wikipedia has an article about: Sean Hebdon Site description Site description 2 {{DEFAULTSORT:(Last name, First name)}} Category:(Occupation) Category:(Nationality) Category:Living people (optional, only if the person

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Sean Sellers From Wikiquote Jump to: navigation , search All the people who are hating me right now and are here waiting to see me die, when you wake up in the morning you aren't going to feel any different. You are going to hate me as much tomorrow as you do tonight. Reach

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Black Hawk Down From Wikiquote Jump to: navigation , search Black Hawk Down is a 2001 film about the U.S. military operation against warlord Mohammed Farah Aidid in Mogadishu, Somalia that began as a quick raid and escalated into a one-day battle in October, 1993. Directed

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Sean Connery From Wikiquote Jump to: navigation , search Sean Connery at the 2008 Edinburgh International Film Festival Sir Thomas Sean Connery (born August 25 , 1930 ) is a Scottish actor and film producer who is perhaps best known as the first actor to portray James

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Sean Hannity From Wikiquote Jump to: navigation , search Sean Hannity Sean Patrick Hannity (born 30 December 1961 ) is an Irish American, conservative talk radio host ( The Sean Hannity Show ), host of Fox News Channel 's program Hannity , and author of two books

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Sean Penn From Wikiquote Jump to: navigation , search You tolerate me. You really tolerate me. Sean Justin Penn (born 17 August 1960 ) is an Academy Award-winning American film actor and director. Quotes [ edit ] You tolerate me. You really tolerate me. Said during

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Sean Punch From Wikiquote Jump to: navigation , search Sean "Dr. Kromm" Punch (born July 27 , 1967 ) is a Canadian writer and game designer. He is the author of the Fourth Edition of the GURPS role-playing game . This article on an author is a stub . You can help Wikiquote