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The southern and by far most populous regions of Scandinavia have a temperate climate . Scandinavia extends to the north of the Arctic Circle , but has relatively mild weather for its latitude due to the Gulf Stream . Much of the Scandinavian mountains have an alpine tundra climate. There

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CTVglobemedia television channels such as E!, FashionTelevisionChannel , MuchMore and others. Star! Scandinavia has also shown several award shows such as the Grammy Awards , the Golden Globe Awards , the Sundance Film Festival and the BAFTA Film Awards . [ edit ] History Star! Scandinavia | 2011/5/18 21:01:00

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The history of Scandinavia is the history of the region of northern Europe known in English as Scandinavia , particularly in Denmark , Norway , and Sweden . Contents 1 Pre-historic age 1.1 Stone Age 1.1.1 Upper Paleolithic 1.1.2 Mesolithic 1.1.3 Neolithic 1.2 Nordic

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The Northern Seven Years' War (also known as the Nordic Seven Years' War , the First Northern War or the Seven Years War in Scandinavia ) was the war between Kingdom of Sweden and a coalition of Denmark-Norway , Lübeck and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth , fought between 1563 and 1570

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longer pursued. [ 1 ] [ 4 ] It was at its height in the mid-19th century and supported the idea of Scandinavia as a unified region or a single nation, based on the common linguistic, political and cultural heritage of the Scandinavian countries Denmark , Norway and Sweden . (These three

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Agency over transmission fees. Contents 1 Disney XD rebrand 2 Shows Aired On Jetix In Scandinavia 3 References 4 External links [ edit ] Disney XD rebrand The Scandinavian version of Jetix available in Sweden , Norway , Denmark and Finland was replaced by Disney XD | 2011/2/5 1:30:09

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The channel started broadcasting in 1996 as a part of the analogue Viasat package, only broadcasting in the morning, sharing one transponder on Sirius 1 (previously Marcopolo 1 ) with ZTV and one on TV Sat 2 shared with 3+ and other Danish channels. [ 1 ] The official launch was February | 2011/8/27 9:22:03

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The Christianization of Scandinavia took place between the 8th and the 12th century. The realms of Scandinavia proper, Denmark , Norway and Sweden , established their own Archdioceses , responsible directly to the Pope, in 1104, 1154 and 1164, respectively. The conversion to Christianity

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NonStop Television received a license for a channel with the working title NonStop Film on January 2004 when the government awarded new licenses for the terrestrial network (DTT). The channel was put into the new fifth multiplex that covered 50 percent of the country. The channel was named | 2010/9/25 5:03:54

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countries The dulcimer and fiddle are the two most characteristic instruments found throughout Scandinavia . Norway and Sweden, however, have a tradition of virtuosic solo fiddling, which is unknown in Denmark. Also in contrast, Danish traditional music has a more prominent guitar than the | 2011/5/23 12:10:49