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In medicine , saline (also saline solution ) is a general term referring to a sterile solution of sodium chloride (NaCl, more commonly known as salt ) in water but is only sterile when it is to be placed intravenously, otherwise, a saline solution is a salt water solution. The sterile

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active euthanasia" when the difference between providing the means and actively administering lethal medicine is considered important, though in practice, the distinction can appear very hard to draw. [ 5 ] For example, Swiss law on assisted suicide allows assisted suicide, [ 6 ] while

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Since bubbles can form in or migrate to any part of the body, DCS can produce many symptoms, and its effects may vary from joint pain and rashes to paralysis and death. Individual susceptibility can vary from day to day, and different individuals under the same conditions may be affected differently

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D50 also is a solution of 50% dextrose in water, also written D50W or for 50% dextrose in normal saline , D50NS. [ edit ] See also LD50 , a dose measurement at which half the organisms die This medical treatment -related article is a stub . You can help Wikipedia by expanding it | 2010/9/24 19:45:43

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Wolf, was one of the principal men who took part in violent raids on white settlements along the Saline and Solomon rivers in Kansas in August of 1867 and August 1868, [ 1 ] [ 2 ] one of the precipitating events leading ultimately to the Battle of the Saline River and the Battle of Washita | 2011/4/21 20:38:05

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The University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) is the wholly owned academic medical center of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor . It includes the U-M Medical School, with its Faculty Group Practice and many research laboratories; the U-M Hospitals and Health Centers, which includes

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. Medication pumps These devices are programmed to pump a certain amount of plasma , blood , saline solution , or other medication into a patient at a certain rate. The software provides the ability to control many aspects of treatment procedures. Analysis Many devices, such as X-ray

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Cornell University Medical College in New York in 1975, where he also served as dean and provost of medicine (1987–91). [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] At Cornell, he was instrumental in establishing a trauma centre and, in 1976, a burns centre. Now part of the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital / Weill | 2010/9/26 5:54:50

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X ( AU ) X ( US ) Legal status ? ( US ) Ethical pharmaceutical for nuclear medicine Routes Intravenous Fludeoxyglucose ( INN ) or Fluorodeoxyglucose is a glucose analog . Its full chemical name is 2-fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose , commonly abbreviated to FDG . FDG is most commonly | 2010/9/26 5:28:39

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working at a medical clinic. He moved to Vienna in 1908, and in 1909 he specialized in internal medicine , particularly conditions of the liver . He became a professor in 1918, then taught in Freiburg in 1926 and in Cologne in 1930. In 1936 he is known to have travelled to Moscow to treat | 2010/9/25 17:06:08