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The Nostalgia Critic/Season 9 print that page

Critic : [sings] You are totally insane. Nostalgia Critic and Beth : [they sing as the movie's Rotten Tomato website (its Tomatometer is 32%) is shown] Angel of Stupid, won't you admit it. [showing the bad reviews from the Rotten Tomatoes page] Schumacher made a bad flick. The Fandumb

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The Shining (film) print that page

about: The Shining (film) The Shining quotes at the Internet Movie Database The Shining at Rotten Tomatoes The Shining at Filmsite.org Categories : 1980 films Films based on novels Horror films Thriller films Stanley Kubrick films

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about: Casablanca (film) Casablanca quotes at the Internet Movie Database Casablanca at Rotten Tomatoes Casablanca at Filmsite.org Categories : 1940s films American films Films based on plays Romantic drama films War films Michael Curtiz films

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Clooney "Cloony claims his Batman was gay Barbara Walters interviews other people" , Jen Yamato, Rotten Tomatoes , (March 1 2006). Because of my love for the world of Batman, I went to Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin with real anticipation. I got thrilled all over again by the Gothic towers

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edit ] Wikipedia has an article about: Predator (film) Predator on IMDb. Predator at Rotten Tomatoes Categories : Predator (franchise) Action films Science fiction horror films 1987 films Slasher films

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has an article about: Brazil (film) Brazil quotes at the Internet Movie Database Brazil at Rotten Tomatoes Review at Filmsite.org Review by Science Fiction Weekly Brazil at Future Times Magazine DGA magazine interview with Gilliam "Brazil and the Economic Problems of Socialism

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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (film) print that page

you? Big Daddy : Who'd you think I bought it for? Me? It's yours. The place, the money, every rotten thing is yours! Brick : I don't want things! [pushes down and smashes vases, an old athletic trophy and other accumulated objects] Waste! Worthless! Worthless! [destroys a life-sized poster

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Fritz the Cat (film) Fritz the Cat quotes at the Internet Movie Database Fritz the Cat at Rotten Tomatoes Categories : 1972 films Animated films Comedy films Cult films

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Live Free or Die Hard (2007) quotes at the Internet Movie Database Live Free or Die Hard at Rotten Tomatoes Official site Categories : 2007 films Action films American films

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Gangster (film) American Gangster quotes at the Internet Movie Database American Gangster at Rotten Tomatoes American Gangster at Metacritic Official site The Return of Superfly Entertainment Weekly interview with Denzel Washington & Russell Crowe American Gangster Production

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