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to 1824, had been King Karl XIV Johan 's primary architect at the construction of the original Rosendal Palace. After it burned down in 1819 , Lidströmer also created the initial drawings for the replacement palace. These were then adapted and redrawn by Fredrik Blom, who had been an assistant

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Typhoon Paka first impacted the Marshall Islands, where it dropped heavy rainfall and left $80 million in damage (1997 USD, $100 million 2007 USD). Later, it passed just north of Guam, where strong winds destroyed about 1,500 buildings and damaged 10,000 more; 5,000 people were left

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The history of Rosendal dates back to the 1650s, when the nobleman Ludvig Holgersen Rosenkrantz (1628-1685) came to Bergen as commissioner of war for the Danish king. At a ball at the fortress of Bergenhus he met Karen Axelsdatter Mowatt (1630-1675), sole heiress to the largest fortune

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Rosendal was born in Grevie, Skåne, the son of Andreas and Teolinda Rosendal . His mother died early and his father moved to the United States so he and his sister were raised by an aunt. [ 1 ] After graduating from Lunds Privata Elementarskola he began his theological studies at Lund University | 2011/5/23 1:37:07

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Rosendal has its own website at rosendal .net . [ edit ] References ^ Statistics Norway (2006). Urban settlements. Population and area, by municipality. 1 January 2006 . .   Coordinates : 59°59′N | 2011/2/6 1:45:41

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Passing north of the Hawaiian Islands , Fausto later began to revive, and had re-developed into a tropical depression on August 30. Further re-intensification was not significant, although Fausto managed to become a tropical storm again on September 1. Remaining a minimal tropical storm, no

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Jimena was the first Pacific hurricane to threaten Hawaii since Hurricane Daniel of the 2000 Pacific hurricane season . [ 1 ] However, the storm weakened as it passed south of the islands and the effects from Jimena were minimal; there were no reported fatalities or injuries from the storm

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Throughout Guillermo's extensive track, the storm never threatened any major landmass, resulting in little impact on land. However, due to its extreme intensity, it produced large swells across the Pacific Ocean, affecting areas from Hawaii to coastal Mexico. Along the American Pacific coast

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The 1994 Pacific hurricane season officially started on May 15, 1994 in the eastern Pacific, and on June 1, 1994 in the central Pacific, and lasted until November 30, 1994. These dates conventionally delimit the period of each year when most tropical cyclones form in the northeastern Pacific

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The 1997 Pacific hurricane season was a very active hurricane season. With hundreds of deaths and billions of dollars in damage, this season was the costliest and one of the deadliest Pacific hurricane seasons . This was due to a strong El Niño . The 1997 Pacific hurricane season officially