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Well, I like kicking the crap out of charisma-free actors. You should've seen what I did to Chad Lowe just the other day! Bill Corbett [as Elektra] : And let's get this over with 'cause I've got an appointment with Josh Hartnett in about half an hour. Mike Nelson [as Elektra] : Then after

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about youth. [ edit ] Cast Matt Dillon - Dallas Winston C. Thomas Howell - Ponyboy Curtis Rob Lowe - Sodapop Curtis Ralph Macchio - Johnny Cade Diane Lane - Sherri "Cherry" Valance Leif Garrett - Robert "Bob" Sheldon Patrick Swayze - Darrel Curtis Emilio Estevez - Keith

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spooo Buck Henry/Bette Midler [4.20] [ edit ] Season 5 [ edit ] Steve Martin/Blondie [5.01] [ edit ] Eric Idle/Bob Dylan [5.02] [ edit ] Bill Russell/Chicago [5.03] [ edit ] Jane Curtin : Miss Lillian Carter removes her makeup. This and other stories coming up on Weekend Update next.

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Nick Lowe From Wikiquote Jump to navigation Jump to search What's so funny 'bout Peace, Love, and Understanding? Nick Lowe (born Nicholas Drain Lowe on 24 March 1949 ) is an English singer-songwriter, musician and producer. Quotes [ edit ] I knew the bride when she used

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totally me. [Cable snaps awake] The Fixer : Hey, Wilson, your dream boy just woke up! Deadpool : Rob Lowe is here? Did I say that out loud? Cable : I've done enough, haven't I? I've fought long enough! Let my last act-- showing people how this world could be better - let that be the

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Shake : Pizza-balls?! Ignignokt : Do they have lil' turkey-muffins? Gee Whiz [ edit ] George Lowe : Standards and practices are a vital link in keeping good and funny ideas away from you, the television viewer. Watch how this nun reacts when we blow her brains out. George points a shotgun

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Rob Pike From Wikiquote Jump to: navigation , search Rob Pike at OSCON 2010 Rob Pike (born 1956 ) is a Canadian software engineer and author, best known for his work at Bell Labs and contribution in the creation of the Plan 9 from Bell Labs , the Inferno operating systems

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Rob Malda From Wikiquote Jump to: navigation , search Rob Malda (born 1976) is the founder and editor-in-chief of technology website Slashdot . Quotes [ edit ] No wireless. Less space than a nomad. Lame. [1] Talking the launch of the Apple iPod Posted on Slashdot , October

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Rob Smyth From Wikiquote Jump to: navigation , search Rob Smyth (born 22 February 1977 ) in England is a rugby league player. Quotes [ edit ] Good stuff from Kemp, who clumps an attempted yorker from Watson down the ground for four before blasting another full-toss through

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Rob Thomas From Wikiquote Jump to: navigation , search Robert Kelly Rob " Thomas (February 14, 1972– ) is an American recording artist. He is the lead singer of his self-titled band, the band Matchbox Twenty , and formerly of the band Tabitha's Secret . This People article

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